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  1. Hi i have a ford galaxy 2.3 Ghia 54 plate and recently noticed engine not been running smoothly especially when I first start up the engine and since yesterday the engine light has come on,anyone know what it could be or what I could check? Thanks
  2. It must be a wiring fault,booked in to have an auto electrician have a look tomorrow
  3. Am only getting 12 volts not 14
  4. Like the title says i was getting the lights on the dash and was told i need a new alternator,so first i tried a second hand ones but was still getting the lights on and car just running off battery,so decided to have my original one reconditioned but i am still getting the lights on the dash !! took the alternator back to where it was reconditioned the guy checked it on his machine and said its working fine and there must be a problem on my vehicle Anyone know what it could be??
  5. FINALLY GOT IT SORTED ;) the auto electrician guy had a look at it this morning and said its something to do with the immobiliser,the garage rang me up and asked if i have another set of keys which i have then went down to the garage with the other set of keys,turned it over and it started straight away!!! cant believe it was all down to the key,AA man made me waste money on a new fuel pump Im delighted its back to normal now went through alot of trouble,PHEW
  6. I have given up and took it to a garage today they have had it all day and havent found the problem yet,they said a auto electrician needs to look at it,arrghhh it driving me mad
  7. Hi everyone like the title says i have a problem on my galaxy,i had called out the AA and he said its a problem with the fuel pump, so i bought a new fuel pump but its still not starting was told then it could be the relay so i have changed this but still my galaxy wont start!!this is driving me mad now :( any ideas what it could be?thanks