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  1. tonyh53


    My service book definitely states 18k or 2 years. Google Ford convenience check and it lists maximum amounts it covers ie 1ltr oil etc etc. My dealer knew nothing about the convenience check and tried to charge me £60 + but came back with £39. Still not the advertised price of £34.99 and i shall be contacting customer service about this. Can't say I'm expecting much back from them though, they've been totally useless the last two times I've had reason to contact them!
  2. tonyh53

    Any Positive Curtain Airbag Recall stories?

    Mine done at Allen Fords in Daventry with no problems
  3. tonyh53

    Tyre life

    currently on 13.5k and tyres are evenly worn at 3.5mm each.
  4. tonyh53


    That's odd. Just had a letter from Ford telling me I need to purchase roadside cover and they can offer it at a special price of just over £60. So why no mention of this convenience check?
  5. tonyh53

    Curtain Airbag recall

    As Owen says, not all dealers are bad and mine has finally come up with the reason for the recall or at least he says he has! Apparently Ford sent a bulletin out to the dealers stating that when the Edge was launched in Europe they considered it important to gain an NCAP 5 star rating. It now has come to light that some vehicles were fitted with different airbags to those that were fitted to the vehicles that were used to gain the 5 star award and to retain the rating they have to change the different airbags. Ford are claiming the different airbags aren't faulty and will perform as they were designed to, but not provide the level of protection that goes with the 5 star rating.
  6. tonyh53

    Curtain Airbag recall

    After several email exchanges with Ford customer services they still haven't informed what the problem is with the airbags. Just fobbing me off with contact the dealer for more info. Same as when I contacted them about another issue!
  7. tonyh53

    Edge Sport V Vignale

    I think it's a hiked road fund licence for the first 5 years. Then the additional £300 is dropped. Well, that's what they say at the moment anyway! (as I understand it)
  8. tonyh53

    Fuel Range? Sport 210 Auto 2017

    I'm averaging 38-40 mpg on local roads and in and out of town and anything up to 45 mpg on a longer run. Got about 8k on the clock with the 210 powershift.
  9. tonyh53

    Curtain Airbag recall

    Hi, I've also had my letter, arrived yesterday. Envelope has big red lettering "Urgent Action Required". Repeated in black on the letter heading along with "Read Immediately". Speak to dealership and same as others here - parts are on back order! Provisional booking made for 3 weeks time. I'm seeing the first post here was about 3 weeks ago and presumably the op had to book and wait as well. So I'm seeing a minimum delay here of 2 months! And that's for something deemed urgent and needing immediate action! Does anyone know the actual problem with the curtain airbags? If it's degradation of propellant I'm not that worried as it's not old enough to be a problem yet but if it's something like detachment of the bag itself I'm not sure it's ok to continue using the car considering it's now holiday time and many thousands of miles are going to be covered by these effected vehicles.
  10. tonyh53

    New Car - Flat Battery !?!

    Took mine to a battery specialist earlier in the week who confirmed there's nothing wrong with the charging side of things. The battery wasn't anything special although he didn't think it needed changing. He thought it just needed a good deep charge, which is the same as Ford diagnosed. It just doesn't seem right to me but it's coming up to the end of the agreement so I'm going to let Ford sort it in there time, not mine. Coincidently, I did have a re-occurrence today of something which I said was happening and Ford said wasn't. Starting from cold and driving no more than 400yds and the radiator fan kicks in. Ford claim it was because the air-con must have been on but it definitely wasn't today. I even turned the vent system completely off. When the rad fan kicks in voltage drops from 14.8 to 14.2 so that's probably the biggest single load possible on the elec system. seems it can turn itself on when it likes!
  11. tonyh53

    New Car - Flat Battery !?!

    Hope you're all sorted David. I'm seeing instant voltage drop to 12.2v as soon as I switch off so I'm off to battery specialist on Monday for his opinion before tackling Ford again!
  12. Mine's usually parked on a hill facing up although it has failed to start facing downhill & on the flat.
  13. No you're not the only person, I'm experiencing it as well. 13 plate 1.6 titx fails to start if parked up for 2 -3 days in cold weather.
  14. tonyh53

    New Car - Flat Battery !?!

    I'm experiencing very similar problems with my 13 plate 1.6 titx. it's ok if used every day but if parked up for 2 or 3 days and it's around freezing then battery fails. My dealer says it's not an unheard of problem although cannot find any fault. I've just invested £1.59 on one of the plug in voltage monitors so I can see what it's doing. So far daylight running is constant 14.8v, night time is 14.7v but voltage first thing in the morning is only 11.5v. I'm beginning to suspect that the battery's not able to deliver it's full voltage when cold - maybe it's even the type of battery (silver chloride) but I don't know much about them. I'm going to have a chat with a battery expert but what I'm reading about this type of battery is in good condition each cell should deliver 2.5v