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    My in-laws have an 05 place 1.6 TDCI CVT (done about 40K) which has now started to experience the same problems, took it to Ford last week who advised them to take it to a specialist. They've taken it to a repair specialist today who's said £2600 and that's with a reconditioned box. They're gutted as they bought the car for £6k ish last year. It looks like a lot of people are having the problem, but most people are eventually trading in because they can't permanently solve it. Previous experience with a suspension problem on a Fiesta (which admittedly would have cost ford significantly less at about £500/car to fix) suggests that if enough of us complain it might get ford CRC to do something about it, but we had about 20 people with Fiesta's last time, and I don't know how many people are still suffering from the gearbox issue. So how many of us are there, who's still got the car and still having problems?