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  1. Hi All Had a loan car this week, 1.0 Fiesta and although it had a more basic radio & display setup than my Sony Premium 6 speaker system (or whatever its called), it had a couple of the newer functions that my system doesnt currently do. These are basically the Text reading, and when my phone paired it stated asking me if I wanted to enable Emergency Assist or something. Is it possible to get these features just with a software upgrade on the SYNC / radio system, or is it the hardware that gives these functions. I agree, they are a bit gimmicky, but wouldn't mind them - especially for
  2. Well Dave1987 gets the cigar. :) Just had a call from Stoneacre, cracked turbo air hose so getting replaced. So glad they found it, with no DTC codes I was beginning to think I was imagining it all. As for my start/stop that hasn't 'stopped' since last August, they are blaming battery charge over the winter months, everything else checks out. I guess Ford should re-advertise it as "Summer Start/Stop Technology" Thanks for all your comments.
  3. It's not that I am relectant, for the first week of this happening I thought I was imagining it, until the misses said the infamous "there's something wrong with this car". Been away last week so it's booked in Weds. Other problem is my dealers are 22 miles and 26 miles away !!. There is a small indie garage locally who must have some kind of franchise running as its all badged up Ford and Nissan, and they sell new cars but they don't do warranty work in the workshop. Interesting about the throttle body, would it result in symptoms like this if it were to be that.
  4. Well I have no idea at moment, no DTC codes stored, no odd lights on dash to warn of any faults etc.
  5. No, not brake related, I am certain of that. It just seems as thought there is no turbo anymore, I noticed today that the usual hill I come up in sixth, I can normally feel the 'over boost' cutting out just near the top, you can usually instantly feel the loss in extra power (almost like someone has changed down a gear and lost a few revs). Today I had to come up in 3rd, even 4th was losing speed, it's not a steep hill. Also I am getting better than ever fuel consumption now, and that is with driving the same way as always round town etc. I used to get 37mpg each week, 7.3 RAFE. Now, doing my
  6. No, I have only had it 8 months, just about to have its 3rd service which by the way the car has not thrown up any messages about oil changes. It was officially due on 18th Feb. Does the Focus give notifications like this or is It purely down to memory and writing things on calendars. Plus the start/stop hasn't worked in months, since summer really. And that's after a 200 mile drive one week. It never stops the car anymore. Hope I haven't made a mistake buying this thing, just a few gripes at the moment
  7. Hi all, new to this forum but reading for a while now. I have a problem brewing with my 2012 1.0 Focus, in that over the last 2 weeks or so, the car is way down on power. This is most noticeable going up hills or accelerating, there is a climb not far from me that the car used to handle in 6th, yeh not accelerating but holding its own to the top. Now I need to drop to 4th to stop the car from losing speed. On the flat, if I floor it in 4th, I cannot get any faster than about 90mph at 3250 rpm ish. At any speed or revs, 5th and 6th are useless now, you cannot increase speed at all in those ge
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums dpluxor :)

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