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  1. Happy Birthday Andywest2k1!

  2. Queries On A Few Upgrades/replacements...

    Cheers for the reply, i'll take a look...
  3. Queries On A Few Upgrades/replacements...

    Ha, cheers for the reply! Just wondered if anyone had found a good source to get them from...
  4. Parts Website..

    Some interesting stuff on this website, people may find of interest for ideas etc...: http://www.partscheap.com/Ford-Fiesta-Accessories-s/438.htm Especially this: http://www.partscheap.com/Ford-Fiesta-Gaslock-Digital-LED-Shift-Knob-p/var3z-7213-b-f11.htm Andy
  5. Hi all, I've developed a nice hole in the driver's side mat in my Mk7. I'm looking to replace all 4 if possible. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get the genuine ford one's? Also, my wheel nuts are looking very grubby and a little rusty. Anyone know if there's anything better I can replace them with? Finally, anyone got any recommendations on places to get good quality replacement wiper blades? Thanks in advance..
  6. Fiesta Car Mats

    Thats not as expensive as i thought! I've found them for £25 on the internet, i thought from the dealer they would be £50+ Thanks for the help again Nath!
  7. Fiesta Car Mats

    Hi all, I'm looking at replacing the mats in the interior of my Mk7, as they are looking very old now! I want to replace them with the genuine Ford one's with the 'fiesta' logo on. Has anyone bought any recently? If so, where from? Any links would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  8. Updating Software Issues

    Copied the above files onto a usb, deleted everything else and voila! it worked!
  9. Updating Software Issues

    Hi all, I recently attempted updating the software in the Fiesta by following the instructions: http://www.ford-mobile-connectivity.com/downloadsUpdates However, when I turn the key, a message appears saying the update has started and is immediately followed by a message stating the update has failed and to start again. Can anyone shed any light on this? I've checked the troubleshoot guide from ford, who recommend that the files be split and only the English files are to be left in the folder. However, the zip file that is available from the link above doesnt contain the files: English: 8M5T-14D511-AT I may be doing someting completely wrong! Any help will be much appreciated!
  10. Mk7 Wingmirror And Interior Bulbs

    They've quoted me £96.70 for the full unit (including painting, VAT and delivery). This is for a regular unit (not powerfolding).
  11. Mk7 Wingmirror And Interior Bulbs

    http://www.wingmirrorman.co.uk/wing-mirrors/ford/ford-fiesta These seem to be the cheapest. They rang me immediately after entering my details on Breakersyard.com. Anyone had any experience with them?
  12. Mk7 Wingmirror And Interior Bulbs

    Has anyone got any info on the ambient lighting? I'm sure I once saw a guide on how to install if the wiring isn't in place, but I can't seem to find it
  13. Mk7 Wingmirror And Interior Bulbs

    Cheers mate, just enquired at the breakers and waiting for a quote. Let me know how it goes with Nathan! and good luck! Cheers for the reply mate, and again for the post on ZSOC!
  14. Hi all, I've got a couple of queries that i'm hoping someone will be able to help me with. Firstly, Im in need of a new wingmirror (passenger side, complete unit). Ford has quoted me £160 for it ordering and fitting, plus the price for painting! :o I've seen one on ebay which comes primed and ready to paint, or there is a second hand one which I would also need to paint. Which one would you guys recommend? Or are there any other places I could be looking? Secondly, Im wanting to install the ambient lighting into the footwells of my ZS. I'm aware that some early ZS's have the wiring installed and its simply a case of popping the bulbs in. However, as far as i can see, there is no wiring in mine. How hard is this to fit? Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide? Thanks in advance guys, much appreciated.
  15. Iphone 4 Holder

    looks like i've opened a can of worms here! Anyway, back to topic. Thanks for the suggestions guys, much appreciated. Think I will opt for a Brodit!