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  1. Losing Coolant - 2014 Mk3 1.6tdci

    hi albert. maybe there is still a bit of air in the system? but i do know they removed the coolant reservoir when they did mine so maybe i need to look around that area or maybe the coolant cap itself. when they did my waterpump they let it run for half an hour then left it over night and they said there was no signs of any leakage the following morning so thats why i was a bit unsure of why it dropped down. thinking about it now ive had the car 4 years and i think i had only topped the coolant up twice before i had it fixed and that was just a little sip to take it between min and max.
  2. Losing Coolant - 2014 Mk3 1.6tdci

    hi albert. ive got same problem with my 63 reg 1.6 tdci. my crankshaft pulley went in august last year so to replace it the cambelt had to come off. so they put a new cambelt on and done the water pump aswell as it was part of the cambelt kit plus they also filled it up with new antifreeze. i had to top the coolant up after a day or two once it bled itself and then sort of forgot about it until i needed to fill up washer bottle. my coolant had also dropped to below the min mark so topped up again and mine keeps dropping slowly over about 6 weeks until i top it up again. theres no signs of leakage around the engine and nothing on the floor when its been standing so like yourself im not exactly sure where its going.
  3. 200 round trip

    I get good results from BG244 i also have a 1.6 tdci.
  4. Trip computer settings.

  5. Trip computer settings.

    it was a software update which changed the settings from average MPH to mileage like this one below.
  6. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    weve got the 1.0 80bhp non turbo (63 reg) and its basically on a par horsepower wise to the 1.25 but cheaper to run plus the added bonus of free tax. weve had it since new and its now coming onto 30k so they do seem pretty reliable.
  7. Satnav retrofit help

    you need to use forscan to change the screen size to 5 MFD then it will let you change back to miles if you dont then your stuck with KM.
  8. Sync app link?

    the sync module is behind the climate control panel on the focus (unlike the fiesta) and i used this video as a reference to access the module. it took me about 30 mins to remove and refit.
  9. Sync app link?

    thank you jw. i will get myself an extended license for forscan and have a crack at it.
  10. Sync app link?

    thanks jw. when i took it out of the car there was only the sync module the wiring loom and the carpet left everything else had gone so i didnt realise is was a mk3.5. i know you can change the settings with forscan but im unsure of what the correct configuration would be?.
  11. Sync app link?

    ive got sync 1.0 in my 63 reg focus. but when i was in the scrapyard searching for something else i got my hands on a sync 1.1 module part number e1bt for basically nothing. so i installed it and it worked fine with phone etc but when pressing the sync button instead of it coming up on the screen with the phone usb option etc it was giving other random options regarding am-fm and play next or previous track etc. never seen this before as i know many people have installed d1bt modules on fiestas without any problems so im guessing the e1bt module has a later version of sync?.
  12. Another sat nav question

    hi. i managed to get a wiring loom out of a scrapped titanium x which had the wires so i unpicked them from the connectors and added them to my car.
  13. Another sat nav question

    hi. yes it was plug and play i added the 2 wires so the voice on the sat nav works. the cd player i just left in my one that originally came with my car so basically i just added the screen the sony front panel and the 2 wires plus the wire which works the traffic.
  14. Another sat nav question

    ive got a 2013 ford focus and i had a screen starting with bm5t. i installed the factory fit sat nav with the screen starting f1bt with no problems at all.