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  1. jbell

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    That's odd. The standard nuts should fit both (otherwise they would have to provide separate nuts with the spare wheel). Apologies I lead you down the wrong road, it worked for me.
  2. jbell

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    Yes, four of those. T rating shouldn't matter (you couldn't rely on being insured at 120mph on a public road, and the fiesta caps out at 123, so there's only 5mph which you wouldn't be allowed to drive anyway that the tyre isn't rated for). So realistically all you need to do is not bounce off the limiter on a track.
  3. jbell

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    https://www.fordpartsuk.com/alloy-wheel-nut-1223 If you hadn't already ordered you could also look at 14 inch, tyre size is 175/65/14. This is what I use for winter and it is cheaper than 15's and as a bonus is the exact same size as the spare wheel. So you can drive it without the speed or mileage restriction if needed.
  4. jbell

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    Usual four locking nuts did not fit my new wheels. Other (standard non locking) nuts fit the new wheels fine.
  5. jbell

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    Just to clarify the standard locking nuts likely won't fit (they didn't on mine) - but the standard non-locking nuts fit fine.
  6. jbell

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    Wheel nuts don't matter really as long as they're correct for this model of fiesta. 14/15/17" makes no difference there. I didn't bother going for locking nuts since the winter alloys aren't worth much compared to the summers. Ride and handling are fine, perhaps even better than my summers.
  7. jbell

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    Couldn't find the email with full specs. Usual nuts fit mine, except for the locking nuts; so I needed an extra four nuts.
  8. jbell

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    Depends what you're driving on. More than a few cm of snow and sure there'll be a difference. Winter like this mild one so far and there won't be a difference. I run 14's in winter and 17's in summer. Narrower wheel with higher profile definitely helps on snow.
  9. jbell

    2015 fiesta zetec radiator/ rad pac

    To get back to your actual question, I seriously doubt ST180 would be compatible (Mk6 Vs Mk7). I don't think the 1.0 and 1.2 will be compatible (duratec Vs Ecoboost engines). But, that's just a guess. Your best route would be to look for the model you have.
  10. jbell

    2015 fiesta zetec radiator/ rad pac

    Trolling in the context of... Pretty much anything online, is very different. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Trolling
  11. jbell

    Diagnosis needed

    It's a long shot but I had something similar and haven't noticed it since I sprayed the anti roll bushing with silicone spray. Might be worth a try. It was at low speed not just braking though.
  12. Bluetooth module is separate from radio/stereo (though I believe the two are connected) and both are separate to heater which is why this doesn't make much sense really. Bluetooth modules being buggy (especially early ones like in a 2008) is definitely not unheard of, but the rest is not something I've heard of before.
  13. The Bluetooth issue makes sense, the others don't really, so you might have some sort of electrical issue. First thing I'd try in that case is press all relevant buttons to see if any are sticking slightly. If so, clean (if needed, raise button and use electrical contact cleaner). If still no joy, disconnect battery for ~20 seconds and then reconnect. If it was just Bluetooth I'd say reseat the module.
  14. jbell

    Fiesta EcoBoost 1.0 (CN65 plate)

    Keep it in gear with clutch down rather than coasting and that problem will go away.
  15. jbell

    Ford Fiesta 2014 - Heated Windscreen

    I tend to do both. Turn car on and whack it on max and then grab the scraper out the boot. By the time I've got it the ice is usually loosened enough to come off without much elbow grease.