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  1. If you've got manual windows worth checking the window hasn't been knocked down a little by accident. Even a small bit down could break the seal and let water in. Every time I put the back seats down I find the windows open a crack.
  2. Fix or repair daily. Think I got lucky!
  3. Try spraying the front anti roll bushings with silicone spray
  4. Confusingly enough, wd40 also sell a silicone spray which does seem to be a good lubricant. It's just the OG wd40 that isn't.
  5. If you go with 205 40 r17 tyres rolling radius should be fine for the speedo.
  6. jbell


    Iirc MAF sensor is a common failure in the mk7/7.5. Might be worth replacing to see if it fixes. I guess if it looks like you're not getting enough air for max boost, you'll get a flat spot.
  7. Gear ratios are usually listed on ford etis if you're looking for them.
  8. If I remember rightly my last fiesta (around the same age) had a problem with the bonnet catch, but it came up on the screen as the boot being open. Took a while to figure that one out. I suppose ford might have seen a similar message. Might be worth blasting some wd40 into the bonnet catch mechanism and giving it a good slam; even if only to rule that out.
  9. Honestly I don't think you'll see any noticible difference without a remap. Those pipes and filter changes might help with longevity of your engine with a remap, I don't think it'll do much else.
  10. My winter set of wheels are 14" alloys. I actually use them all year round now. Might be worth looking into. Premium tyre + alloy set of four didn't cost any more than four 17" premium tyres.
  11. Even if it looks fine might be worth trying a bit of silicone spray on the nearside anti roll d bush. You can do it without lifting the car again and has solved similar problems for me before.
  12. Anti roll bushing?
  13. I'd say sell as seen and be done with it. Turbo replacement on a car that age and that mileage will be pushing the cost of the car probably.
  14. I sprayed mine with silicone spray which sorted various noises coming from them. Only had to reapply once in the last 3 years. Can be done without lifting the car.
  15. jbell


    It should hang pretty tight as long as it's seated correctly. It seems more to me like someone (e.g. previous owner) had dropped the panel perhaps for resetting the sync module and didn't put it back exactly where it should be. Reseating it correctly should help. Can take a bit of fiddling especially if you've got extra stuff there (e.g. hardwire kit for dashcam).