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  1. It isn't -- just Arnold shark being Arnold shark. I'd never do anything but buy a car from them - service elsewhere and use other ford dealers for warranty work.
  2. I had them in temporarily over winter. Nice white light, seems a bit brighter than halogens and never got flashed. Took them out for MOT though as although the current mot guidance doesn't specify LEDs in a halogen lamp is a fail (it does specify hid as a fail) -- technically it doesn't conform to regs and should fail.
  3. A lot of places will just stamp the service log and not fill in any of the other pages (e.g. paintwork inspection) unless you ask. So if you've got a section for logging oil changes in your book and that's what you're looking at, it's probably just that they didn't fill it in. Oil change at service is fairly standard so I doubt yours wasn't done since 2014 despite the low mileage.
  4. Turbo body is cast iron, so it is normal for it to rust. The problem is the pipe that connects to it will rust (when not protected) once the turbo body has fully rusted.
  5. Tbh that I get. If he doesn't want to be recorded on the job that's up to him. At least he unplugged it himself rather than it being a dealer wide policy where they don't let you drop the car off until you unplugged your cameras regardless of if the guy working on it cares Local garage I use doesn't care and happily leaves it plugged in (and I've never had cause to need to check the footage), local ford dealer insist it's unplugged before they take the keys.
  6. Hmm.. I might be thinking of my previous car in that case. I think another option is front wipers fuse.
  7. I piggybacked the front 12v fuse (cig lighter). Since I was wiring in a hidden 12v adapter to handle both cameras, it worked well.
  8. Silicone spray on front anti roll bushing would be a lot cheaper than pads, and if it doesn't fix it was only a fiver.
  9. Fairly sure the correct width for 50/16s is 195. Handbook should contain all the acceptable size combinations. I run 175/65/14 in winter and 205/40/17 in summer.
  10. Try using third or fourth until you've reached cruising speed. The 1.2 won't be powerful enough to reliably accelerate (especially if on a hill) at 50 in 5th.
  11. That's odd. The standard nuts should fit both (otherwise they would have to provide separate nuts with the spare wheel). Apologies I lead you down the wrong road, it worked for me.
  12. Yes, four of those. T rating shouldn't matter (you couldn't rely on being insured at 120mph on a public road, and the fiesta caps out at 123, so there's only 5mph which you wouldn't be allowed to drive anyway that the tyre isn't rated for). So realistically all you need to do is not bounce off the limiter on a track.
  13. https://www.fordpartsuk.com/alloy-wheel-nut-1223 If you hadn't already ordered you could also look at 14 inch, tyre size is 175/65/14. This is what I use for winter and it is cheaper than 15's and as a bonus is the exact same size as the spare wheel. So you can drive it without the speed or mileage restriction if needed.
  14. Usual four locking nuts did not fit my new wheels. Other (standard non locking) nuts fit the new wheels fine.
  15. Just to clarify the standard locking nuts likely won't fit (they didn't on mine) - but the standard non-locking nuts fit fine.