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  1. Mountune's warranty friendly maps are torque limited to 214nm for this reason. But, worth keeping in mind that peak torque isn't the only factor in a map. You're also interested in how much power and torque you get throughout the power band. Some other maps exceed 215nm and it could be fine. However, as you noted the gearbox isn't rated for it so failure is more likely.
  2. 17s usually come with a steering rack limiter from factory.
  3. Silicone spray on the front anti roll bush
  4. jbell


    Stone in brakes?
  5. jbell


    If the NHS gets maxed out deaths could be in the region of 3-10% of people infected i.e. 0.5-5 million rather than 70 thousand - in months rather than the whole year. That's why it's a big deal. When well treated it should be under 1%. Even in that case I think hundreds of thousands could happen.
  6. Not sure about sticking those fuds in the army tbh. Dangerous enough without access to and training with guns. Stick them out fruit picking for a few months. There's vacancies there due to brexit and the hard labour might sort them out.
  7. Fs what a terrible response from the government.
  8. Garages left right and center closing, supposedly the DVSA had no response RE MOT expiry during lockdown. Anyone know what the situation is?
  9. Worth keeping in mind this place is a cars owners forum, not everyone (even probably, most people) who are new here are going to know about searching for prior posts effectively - it isn't like the old gaming or tech enthusiast forums where this was expected just down to the audience being almost guaranteed to be both good with technology and aware of general forum etiquette. In the end no harm done if there is a duplicate thread, so just chill out about it.
  10. Not ford approved as far as I'm aware, currently at 6.5 years old with zero engine issues (besides rust on turbo pipe, unrelated). 5w30 been in use for 3-4 years.
  11. Fairly sure 5w20 is recommended so ford can hit emissions targets, and so that start/stop when the engine is cold doesn't lead to oil starvation (thinner oil can move easier when cold) My local independent has been putting in 5w30 in mine for years without issue. I don't really use start stop though so only problem is killing polar bears as Clarkson would put it
  12. Check your handbook, it should list fuse positions.
  13. Focus or Fiesta? Have you got the work description on an invoice at all or did they give no paperwork?