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  1. Does power kick back in after a few seconds? Sometimes if I'm flooring it turbo lag is very noticible in third.
  2. I've a feeling with the age of the car ford will tell you to go directly with a dealer's extended warranty. I was told something along those lines when I bought mine (2.5 year old fiesta, at the time)
  3. Have you had it serviced by Ford since you got it? If so you can call Ford breakdown (I believe this is included with a Ford service for 1yr) at a convenient time (when you have a few hours); pretend you know nothing about cars and say there's an engine warning light on and I guess they might come out and actually diagnose it. Since it'll be "by Ford" (they probably use the same breakdown people as anyone else) they should take the diagnosis more seriously. Another route would be to plug in a OBDII adapter and check the code yourself to at least figure out what it might be, even if it still needs to go in to get fixed
  4. Iirc there is a difference in the engine between the 100ps and 125ps models (but isn't between 125 and 140 - main difference there is gearing ratios and stock map). I'd suggest not trying to get overboost enabled on 100ps; if bluefin thought it was safe to do they would have done it and just had one map rather than different ones for 100 and 125ps. Mountune also don't offer MP135 or MR165 for the 100ps model, so there's another indicator to be careful.
  5. Iirc there isn't any prefacelift 1.0 ecoboosts, so yours is mk7.5.
  6. Just use 95 or better (regardless of AKI or RON) and you'll be probably fine. The number refers to the worst type of fuel it was designed for, so if you use that or better there'll be no problem as long as you aren't dumping race fuel in a regular car. The number is most likely RON, not AKI. I've never seen anyone refer to octane as AKI here in the UK and I'm fairly sure it's the same in the US. With those being fords two primary markets, I highly doubt the number is AKI. If you check your fuel cap there might be a note of what you should use there.
  7. I wouldn't bother with a diesel personally. I used to have the 2009 95ps 1.6, moved over to the 1.0 125 ecoboost. Much faster. These days I'm doing around 15k+ miles a year, no problems.
  8. I half removed it when fitting brake bulbs, it is stuck under a lot of trim so you might need to have some tools to help prise it out. Refitting one in the correct shape will be the more difficult bit.
  9. I can imagine hitting it during an overtake causing accidents. The one and only time I accidentally bounced off the rev limiter doing an overtake in second, I remember there being a jolt and sudden flat power. Could have caused problems if it was a tight one. I also would be fine with warnings. I'd even consider it useful for driving somewhere unfamiliar.
  10. Your car is long out of warranty so as long as the grade is correct I don't think you need to worry. Sticking to the letter of the book is most important when your car is in warranty.
  11. No, if fitted; auto levelling devices must work, but they don't need to exist for LED headlights. However, fitting LED bulbs in an existing halogen housing does not conform to current regulations, so may be an MOT failure depending on the interpretation by the tester. Current mot guidance explicitly specifies HID conversions as a failure, but does not yet explicitly specify LEDs, so you might get away with it for now. If failed, the failure would be for "4.1.4 (c) light source and lamp not compatible".
  12. It's worth posting what solved it incase someone comes across this thread on Google later
  13. It isn't -- just Arnold shark being Arnold shark. I'd never do anything but buy a car from them - service elsewhere and use other ford dealers for warranty work.
  14. I had them in temporarily over winter. Nice white light, seems a bit brighter than halogens and never got flashed. Took them out for MOT though as although the current mot guidance doesn't specify LEDs in a halogen lamp is a fail (it does specify hid as a fail) -- technically it doesn't conform to regs and should fail.
  15. A lot of places will just stamp the service log and not fill in any of the other pages (e.g. paintwork inspection) unless you ask. So if you've got a section for logging oil changes in your book and that's what you're looking at, it's probably just that they didn't fill it in. Oil change at service is fairly standard so I doubt yours wasn't done since 2014 despite the low mileage.