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  1. I sprayed mine with silicone spray which sorted various noises coming from them. Only had to reapply once in the last 3 years. Can be done without lifting the car.
  2. jbell


    It should hang pretty tight as long as it's seated correctly. It seems more to me like someone (e.g. previous owner) had dropped the panel perhaps for resetting the sync module and didn't put it back exactly where it should be. Reseating it correctly should help. Can take a bit of fiddling especially if you've got extra stuff there (e.g. hardwire kit for dashcam).
  3. You probably don't have the correct module for Bluetooth audio. You've probably got calls only. They can be swapped, but it's reasonably pricy for a second hand one and you need to change various parameters via IDS or forscan too.
  4. Honestly the 125 isn't a huge amount faster in real terms than the 100. It's noticible, but only works out as around 1-2s difference in 0-60 if you're flooring it. However, I much preferred my own 125 (now remapped too) to the 100 courtesy car I had for a few days. If he's somewhat sensible I'd say the 125 just as it's a bit more responsive and feels nicer.
  5. jbell


    It shouldn't affect a 2016 but worth checking anyway - since if it does affect it, it could eventually be an engine killer if left unpainted.
  6. I believe this is an option you can enable using the ford ids or forscan.
  7. You have a lot of legal protections about defective products until the end of October, as an EU citizen. Since brexit getting canceled doesn't look likely if you're going to raise a fuss about this, do it now while you have rights. tl;dr ford should fix a defective part of their product for 2 years after the sale, but this only applies until the end of October. After brexit - assuming it goes ahead - i believe it will be 6 months (for repair or replacement) or 30 days (refund).
  8. Iirc material of the pipes slightly changed between late 2013 and late 2014 due to the rusting issues. No idea if it helped though, if that is accurate at all.
  9. Got to be better than the ib5 from the Mk7 though.
  10. A common one I've had is when refitting the headlamp it doesn't quite sit right without some fiddling. Might be down to the extra large rubber cap at the back for the led, but perhaps whoever last refitted your headlamp (previous owner?) had the same issue. Try sticking the photo on a image upload site like Imgur instead of uploading
  11. Pumaspeed do a pipes, intercooler, turbo, exhaust and map package that claims over 200hp from the 1.0. http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Ford-Fiesta-10T-Ecoboost-205-bhp-Power-Upgrade_16791.jsp
  12. jbell


    Ones from autobeam seem to be fine - however, all led conversions may cause mot failure if you leave them in for mot.
  13. jbell


    Flux capacitor
  14. Does power kick back in after a few seconds? Sometimes if I'm flooring it turbo lag is very noticible in third.
  15. I've a feeling with the age of the car ford will tell you to go directly with a dealer's extended warranty. I was told something along those lines when I bought mine (2.5 year old fiesta, at the time)