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  1. Saulamandetra

    Not a new member but back to ford again :)

    Cheers matey 😃
  2. Saulamandetra

    Hi All another newbe !!!

    Welcome matey 👍 like the fusions good cars 😃
  3. Saulamandetra

    Hi All

    Hey matey :) nice car
  4. Hi all im back again after a foray into Japanese cars but back into a ford :) yay. Missed you all of course and im sure my absence was noticed haha. anyway just brought myself a bargain 55plate focus TDCi studio estate im already taken by it (I know this as I can remember the reg plate lol) so thought I'd say hi and see if im welcomed back into the loving arms of ford enthusiasts :P saul
  5. Saulamandetra

    Been Away For Ages And Don't Have My Van Anymore �

    Lol it'll be its own social kind of monster when I'm finished ;) Saul
  6. Saulamandetra

    Been Away For Ages And Don't Have My Van Anymore �

    May have done some spraying today ;) I think it looks awesome, matte black and moody looking and im not finished yet by a long way :D Saul
  7. Saulamandetra

    Project Ka

    Lol love the enthusiasm ;) get a hammer on it it'll be grand :P Saul
  8. Saulamandetra

    Project Ka

    Tbh then you may have to get a new clutch matey as sounds on the edge of breaking, to get an actual clutch isn't to much bud, if you're proficient with a spanner or three you could do it yourself cheap :) Saul
  9. Saulamandetra

    Project Ka

    Tbh if your gonna go the puma route Id just rip all the engine and gearbox out and fabricate in the puma one :) ive seen a lot of them for sale you can get one working for a couple of hundred matey. Also if find an mot failure with loads of rust will have the good engine, gearbox, clutch and wiring looms you'll need and can rip some good parts out to :D Saul
  10. Saulamandetra

    Midlands Ford Meet

    Could only do early evenings on Sunday's like 6-7ish sort of times as with the Mrs all day and gotta start work at 2am the Monday morning :( Saul
  11. Saulamandetra

    Been Away For Ages And Don't Have My Van Anymore �

    I'll probably be doing it myself matey, it's not to bad tbh started a little already, kind of one part at a time at the moment haha :) Then starts the work on the performance side :P Tbh ka's are great little cars can have a lot of fun with them so think you'll enjoy fella :D Saul
  12. Saulamandetra

    Midlands Ford Meet

    Definitely can't get into that one haha Saul
  13. Saulamandetra

    Midlands Ford Meet

    That fast ford?? I don't think I'd be allowed to that mines slow as F at the minute hahah ;) Won't be soon hopefully mind :P Saul
  14. Saulamandetra

    Midlands Ford Meet

    I could do the meet :) Saul
  15. Saulamandetra


    Welcome matey Saul