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  1. Sync mouse mat?

    Version 3 as far as I know. With a wallpaper I added myself
  2. Sync mouse mat?

    I never knew these existed haha I’ll see why you come up with. Cheers.
  3. Sync mouse mat?

    Just what I was looking at. Gonna Measure the area when I’m next out.
  4. Sync mouse mat?

    Looking into some kind of rubber or sponge mat to go on the panel just below the sync screen, used it today to set it to connect to my phones WiFi and it started hurting my wrist!
  5. Titanium boot badge issue

    My last car, 12 plate titanium, definitely had it. I’ve seen a few on auto trader too. Don’t know why they’re selective with them.
  6. Titanium boot badge issue

    I wasn’t going to until I found a black titanium badge that will match my black focus badge. Think the two together will look good.
  7. Titanium boot badge issue

    My previous car (mk3 Titanium) had a titanium badge.
  8. Titanium boot badge issue

    There wasn’t one fitted in the first place. I think Ford stopped fitting then to the mk3.5
  9. Titanium boot badge issue

    Think mine will go well against the metallic black of my car. Hopefully.
  10. Titanium boot badge issue

    Yeah sure. It looks really nice, glossy and identical to the original. Haven’t fitted mine yet. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F172980987103
  11. Titanium boot badge issue

    Tape seems to be the way to go. Spacing should ok as I have plenty plastic spacers from work. It doesn’t need spraying black as it’s already matte black, I’ve put a clear acrylic lacquer on it to match the gloss black focus badge I bought. I just thought someone might know of a jig or something.
  12. Titanium boot badge issue

    I’d thought about that but I don’t have much of a straight edge to work with and the letters being individual and only 3mm wide. The i would be a nightmare.
  13. Titanium boot badge issue

    I’ve bought this matte black titanium boot badge for my car but it came loosely attached to the paper (paper not shown in image). The double sided tape was poo so decided to replace it with some 2.5mm 3M double sided. My issue is applying it to the car without It looking wonky. I know the oem badges come with a jig that applies the badge nice and straight but as I’ve said mine came on a useless bit of paper and I’ve replaced the DS tape How can I get this on my car without it looking sh*t?
  14. Fair price for alloys?

    Refurbs can cost anything upwards of £40 per wheel. Depending where you get them done.
  15. Fair price for alloys?

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll set an asking price of £200 and take offers.