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    1.6 tdci titanium
  1. blodger59


    i must admit it is a great little car i am really impressed with the quality of the finish, it's the best looking fiesta to date.
  2. Hi you should contact trading standards, you can contact them through your local coucil, they are really helpful with information regarding your right's, this is useful if you want to chop your car in, also the dealer is more likely to play ball if contacted by the trading standards regarding your complaint. steve
  3. blodger59


    Hi all the last week or so i have covered 365 miles of mixed motoring, ie arond town and motorway , i brimed the tank before and afterwards, i squeezed in 32 litres, about 7gallons , so that works out about 51 mpg which is a vast improvement on the 42-44 mpg that i was getting before i took the car back to ford to have it checked.
  4. blodger59


    hello this may be a strange concept to you , but have you thought about taking your car to a garage! :P
  5. blodger59

    auto central locking

    lol :D i didnt' mean to sound sad! :)
  6. blodger59

    auto central locking

    Ok thanks for that :(
  7. blodger59

    auto central locking

    hi no i havn't got keyless entry, what i'm trying to find out is there a way to reconfigure the locking so the doors will autolock when moving faster than 5mph, most modern cars have this facilty
  8. blodger59

    auto central locking

    Hi all does anyone know if the remote can be reconfiguerd so the doors will auto lock when moving off, on my previous fords this can be done, the dealer did not know, but i'm not suprised
  9. blodger59


    Hi it could be my imaganation but the car feels more responsive,my wife uses the car daily for work and used to get about 370 miles between filling up, i will report back when we fill up again and give a true milage figure
  10. Hi Pete i had the same problem as you , after doing 6000m and only getting about 42-44mpg , i took my car back to fords for them to investigate, they performed a engine managment system software upgrade and now the car is doing between 55- 60mpg,you don't say what engine you have , if it's a petrol then 40-41 is ok, but if like mine a 1.6 tdci then go back to your ford dealer and get it checked. steve
  11. blodger59

    broken down... and only 7000miles down the road!

    That's bad news :( go and give a much needed kick up the backside of your ford dealer
  12. blodger59


    Hi all Have been driving all weekend, keeping to legal speed limits(difficult ) and the trip computor was showing 55-60 mpg. looks like the engine managment software upgrade worked yipeeee! steve
  13. blodger59


    Hi got the car back from ford, they have updated the software to the ecu and recalebrated the fuel system, the trip computor is now showing an average of 49 mpg compared to 42mpg earlier. fingers crossed they have sorted out the problem :D
  14. Hi Charlie i did pay a little extra for the superguard but this did include superguard wash and polish,alloy and interior cleaner plus cloths :)
  15. blodger59

    Titanium or ECOnetic?

    Hi the titanium may cost you more , but it is a much better looking car, we have one and can't fault the spec