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  1. Joshmcgarrigle

    My Fiesta ZS

    Just adding a few photos of my ZS, proud of this car and still more to do! Hope you guys like it. Apologies for multiple images of the same photo.
  2. Hey guys, I've seen these black DRL headlights for mk7 fiestas on eBay and I was just wondering if anyone has them and if they do are they any good? Are they just plug in and play? Cheers
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering as to which is better, lowering springs or coilovers ? And what is the best height to have them at? As I'd really like to eliminate the arch gap on my fiesta ! Also, which brand are the best of each and where is the best place to get them? 😊 Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, Ive decided i want to sell my Focus Zetec S, great car, has had a new engine with 40000 miles on it, body work in amazing condition, few kerb markings on the alloys (previous owner). She is a beautiful car its just to thirsty for me, only reason im selling. ill attach some photos aswell, just message me if you want some details of the car and where to find me and on the price. trying to sell it on here as id like it to go to someone who really wants and appreciates it, like someone who knows fords and there is no where better then here. cheers.
  5. I have the exhaust sounds mint, might get some new brakes yeah that sounds like a good option, ones I've got starting to rust abit could clean them but would like an upgrade! What do people suggest on drilled or grooved or should I stick with smooth? Got the pipercross filter on my wishlist :D
  6. Na mate I dont think so, they do look similar though lol!
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to share my new car that I'm in love with, went from my mk7 frozen white fiesta titanium to my new mk2 Focus zetec S and she's a beauty! Bits planned for it too! Anything anyone recommends? :)
  8. yeah very true, good point! what would you suggest if i was looking for one with a sat nav aswell? assuming the two come as one unit of course!
  9. nice one cheers lenny! ill have a look at them see how much, love to get one for my new focus!
  10. im after a sat nav/ bluetooth screen head unit, whatever it is called :p what does the community recommmend or have one for sale and how easy are they to install? cheers
  11. I brought some wheels a bout 3 weeks ago mate thank you anyway for getting back to me!
  12. Thank you mate! Just ordered myself some:D stores closed untill 2nd of June so hope to get them just after that! :)
  13. Hey people, Id really like some white ford badge overlays to go on the centre caps of my alloys, does anyone know where to find them, that is if you even can anymore? think they would really help the look of my car! thanks :)
  14. Is there anyone on here selling any alloys that are 16 or 17 inch, preferably streetpack mk7 or mk7 zetec s alloys with good tyre tread, if not then just the alloys would be okay?
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