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  1. amyjaj

    Usb Trouble

    I've got a Fiesta Titanium 2013. Basically, My stereo has stopped indexing the tracks on my ipod so I can't control via voice. This is the second time this has done this. The first time it went to the dealership to be looked at. I really don't want to have to take it back again. Has anybody else had this issue with theirs? is there a way I can sort it myself. I tried to reset. It just says indexing tracks please wait when voice command button is pressed. Indexing track please wait stays on the cars computer screen.
  2. amyjaj

    My Ford Fiesta

  3. Wow, I haven't been on in a very long time and this place has changed. My Fiesta is at the crash repair centre again! It's only minor damage and probably just needs a respray and polish to the front wing and bumber. The accident was totally not my fault. I just joined a dual carriage way from a round about, got 50 yards up the road and a white transit van came out of a side road as I was going past. I got to the traffic lights up the road and pulled up besides him and he had his window rolled down. I shouted that your meant to give way, he then just shrugged his shoulders and wound his window up and drove of when the lights went green. I had my oldest brother in the car at the time so we got his reg number. The guy probably got a shock now from his insurance company.
  4. I filled it up this morning at BP. I done Milton Keynes and back and the guage was still on full when I got home. When I last went I filled it up at tesco and it did use quite a bit. Does anybody else find tha brand name petrol lasts longer then supermarkets?
  5. amyjaj

    where to put a sat nav?

    I have to stick it to the middle of the windscreen, as the cables get in the way.
  6. I let it go as far as 13 miles left in the tank today and I've just put a tenner in the tank until Saturday when I fill her up to go to Milton Keynes and for the family trip to Thrope Park.
  7. amyjaj

    Hello all

    My cars mysteriously got 2 scuff marks on it one on the front left wing and one on the front passengers door. God now how they got there but my dad's going to polish them out for me later.
  8. amyjaj

    Hello all

    I'm still here :P
  9. amyjaj

    do you live here ??

    No I don't!
  10. amyjaj


    Does the same on kwit fit too, by reg number.
  11. amyjaj

    I Kerbed My Wheel

    I'm glad to say my wheels are untouched which I'm really surprised about!!!!
  12. amyjaj

    Front Passenger Locked Inside

    Lets hope that it doesn't take them over 7 weeks to fix it like Bicester Ford took to fix mine. Mine would proberbly still be broke if they never got the phone call from Motability.
  13. amyjaj

    O/T - X Factor

    Today has been one BIG shock. I still haven't got over the fact that Stephen Gately has died, now I got to get over the shock that the brat twins got through!
  14. amyjaj

    Front Passenger Locked Inside

    Seems like you had the same sort of problem I had except you couldn't get in but you could get out. Something inside the door is broken. What dealers did you get it from?
  15. amyjaj

    USA Ford Fiesta Photo

    Or they could have moved the indicator around. On our ones the indicator is on the inside of the headlight.