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  1. front fogs

    back in the day of my mk1 focus I fitted fogs two two cars. First was a T reg 1.6 and this needed everything, from the extra wire from the light switch to the new loom in the bumper to the lights, messy job as you have to get the the large mulitplug int he bulk head. However when you buy the harness you do get all the info from ford. Second was a 1.8 W reg Focus this just needed a new light switch and then grill and fogs as wiring was all there, You will need to check the wiring in your car however if you go to a dealer they can run off the instructions that come with the part, Just to put a spin on it though I have come across in past when doing someone elses car where they had the loom in the bumper but still needed a single wire run from the bulk head multiplug to the lights witch. Hope this helps
  2. Diesel vs V power Diesel

    On a recent trip in europe I managed to sample few fuels and got to say V Power in a TDCI 2.0 does make some difference, Car pulls better and runs smoother, however here is a clanger. Fill up with Shell normal diesel and you notice difference but as great slightly less response but still great, and MPG still great and egnine nice and smooth and quiet., however when I filled up with BP, Total and Esso the car felt like a bag. Engine had to be worked much harder to get same results and progress, intitially I thought it was me but......... Since then with group of mates we did some tests all in different cars and results where basically, Shell Standard Diesel better MPG, egnine response,smoother quiter better than BP ultimate, Shell V Power not much on MPG but better engine response and smoother pretty much best fuel on offer but costly Fill up with BP or Esso and you find car gets noiser and less reponsive and MPG drops even when on ultimate. This was done on VW Passatt, Focus 2.0 TDIC, BMW 320D, Peugot 207 D and few others all pretty much came back with same feedback. What ever shell do to their diesel its !Removed! good as it seems to run all our cars better, and just to put a curve ball to it, Sainsbury's City Diesel seems to do as well as Shell as well. Lets say since then pretty much we all try to use Shell now on, While also unconfirmed I did read somewhere a while back that the Shell Extra Diesel is around on Par with BP ultimate in terms of the mixture and V Power is the next step up. Could explain this but also is great as down south SHell tends to be the cheaperst around
  3. Decat'ing pros and cons please :D

    Have alook around for miltek exhaust systems , they do entire systems, combine that with a good inducation system and you will get great results, plu fully legal, much better results than just pulling the cat out.
  4. Focus Centre consul overheating

    glad you got it sorted irony being it was such a simple thing
  5. Focus 1.8 Zetec (X)

    Could be a simple thing as sticking throttle body, on my old 1.8 w reg focus had this problem the throttle body would stick causing a delay in the power, Few things to check is disconnect the air intake hose from the airbox at the butterfly throtle and with engine running just have a play with the throttle see if it moves cleanly, if there is a lot of carbon deposit on the housing the butterfly will get stuck just use some carb cleaner to get it off should fit it, also check the loom to the air flow meter, One way to check if it is that is to disconnect it, engine goes to safe mode and uses set values, if it feels better than you have your asnwer if not then good bet the meter is ok
  6. newbie

    Thanks hoping we can keep this one for longer than the previous one, last one lasted a week after it turned out it was a complete lemon and enough hidden faults to take up a page here, Previously had a 3 door 55 plate tinatium tdci 2.0 but had to change it to 5 door when a new member to family arrived. Endedup with a decent swap as this one has tints sports pack etc, though I do miss the leather interior - doh Still for the price I ended up paying could not complain. This makes Focus number 5 in a row
  7. Another Newbie

    Thantsk there really isnt been a time in my house that we havent had a focus, started off with two mK1 1.8 and 1.6 Lxs back in 1998 then went to Mk2 55 plate 3 door titanium after the 1.8 got written off and then this one with a short spell of another silver one as an interim. Just got to find a way to sort out and change for an ST at some point
  8. Focus Centre consul overheating

    it can get a bit warm if you have the radio on full blast with heater on warm air but not that hot. Do you always have the radio on when driving, if you do get hold of some radio removel tools and pull the radio out after a drive and see if thats whats causing the heat issue, they have a large heatsink on the back so if the radio is over heating it could be the cause. If its still under warranty take the car to another dealer Ford can be useless like that, mine tried to charge me for radio code retrievela (ie type reg into computer up comes the key code) on the day I picked up the car. These days they seem to get out of doing any repairs,
  9. Decat'ing pros and cons please :D

    I would take cae decating the new engines, with emision control being a big thing these days all changes to this will throw errors, You are better getting a sport cat and thus maintaining the lambda sensors in operatiion to stop overfueling and any other bugbears. Decating bit engines as v8 does bring back the great noise and adds performance, on a smaller engine I would just go down route of sport cats and full exhaust system than rist messing up engine due to wrong fueling and then you have the hassle of having to put it back each MOT . service especially if car under warranty. I've considered decating my past 2.0 and 1.8 zetechs and in end just went down the route of sports exhausts easier and jsut as good benefits
  10. Another Newbie

    Hello On my 5th Focus now previus ones where two MK1 focus and two MK2 focus This time its a 2006 - 2.0 TDCI Titanium (Styling Pack with 17" Alloys, Nokia Bluetooth, Full Color Coded Bumpers and Trim)
  11. newbie

    hi Just joined after searching for ages for a good forum, to join and be part of a comunity and maybe help out. Got a 2006 56 Plate 2.0 TDCI Titanium Focus . Few mods - Full Color Coded front and rear bumpers and spoiler, Sports Pack (17" wheels and lowered ) Alpine Headunit Upgrade