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  1. Hello Alan, I was passed your name from Bannko on the web. I need your help and advise on the possibility of removing my Sony Radio Syne System from my 2014 Kuga and hopefully installing the Sync II with 8 inch touchscreen with Sat Nav. I procured the unit from a 2016 Kuga . I have enclosed pictures and details, Also have the GPS Ariel. 

    If the swap is possible, I would appreciate any help and guidance you can offer

    Harris Wagner

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    1. alan2150uk


      hi sorry just seen your messages, Life has been so busy i haven't been on here in a while


  2. Hi, I have first hand experience in retrofitting Sync 2 to a 2013 Ford Kuga that came with the 4" display I came across very little help and had to do it all my self and I am happy to let you know how to do it. It's a lot easier than you think. or at least it should be on the focus. I you have a look at the posts from about a year ago on sync 2 in the kuga part of the forum you will bee what I did. I have a lot of info on this and can help out where i can. Kindest Regards Alan
  3. Hi is it the new shape 2013 model? and are you looking to fit the 5 inch sat nav or the 8" touch screen (Sync 2) system? I have done it and there is a section on this forum when I have taken pics during the process. let me know if you need any help / advice. always happy to help. cheers Alan
  4. Hi I live just up the road in Wishaw, I just picked up my Mustang a week ago. But i opted for the 5 Litre V8. the noise sold me. pics below. I think the black roof really helps break down the yellow. it as all the extras, but no Custom Pack as I didn't like the wheels that came with the pack.
  5. Received my Mustang a week ago already done 1k miles in it love driving it. a few pics of my car on the day I collected it from the show room..
  6. Hi I done some home work and editing the Hex codes to enable to option seams straight forward but how do we get access to download the file as it wont let me tells me I need to be certified or somthing.
  7. Hi Pat sorry for the late reply. yeah just remove the existing lights and plug the new ones in. and it should work.
  8. Hi So I have a login for the ford Etis platform, but not sure how and where i can find or download a navi licence file from it. I have a elm cable as well.. can anyone point me in the right direction for this, I thought I would need the ford cables to link the Etis platform to the car etc. Cheers A
  9. Hi you can Reto Fit prity Much anything but you need to have a technical mind set and be reasonably good with electronics and computers. Ie you would need to purchase the Park assist Module normally this is located at the driver side rear quarter panel you would need to remove this to see it. I can get the part number from mine, only thing is to check how many Sensors your car has as I beleave that the Park Assist has 2x extra Sensors but these can be fitted if your up to the job. yes the car need to know that you have park assit fuction but this can be enabled with an ELM Cable
  10. Hi Price for Factory Navigation Install (Doesn't Include a EU SD Card but you can find them on ebay quite easily) Just Spoken to Sacha at Ford Retro Fit and he gave me a price on activating the Factory Nav function on the Sync 2 Unit. 409.00USD + Shipping about 70-80 and 135 USD last time he shipped one of mine back. if you use UPS 2 -3 days for it to arrive. The Price squashes the 800 bucks from others. This new Android option of a 10.5 Inch Screen Looks Amazing but not sure if you keep half of the functionality. http://www.suavdvdgps.com/a/Full_Touch_Android_GPS/Ford
  11. Yeah I emailed them as I have a Hybrid Mondeo and wanted to know if my Hybrid options will display on the screen (Pretty Cool if it does) but not the end of the world and this is what they said. Hi,dear Alan, With CANBUS,support steering wheel control. Preserve ALL existing functionality(e.g.show the Hybrid Vehicle status),upgrade your Mondeo stereo system,access to internet! Special design for Ford Mondeo Fusion,ISO type connection,plug and play,no any original wires cutting required! Easy,quick and perfect installation in your 2015 mo
  12. Just got an email back from them, not bad for $425 + Shipping. SUAVDVDGPS from China,manufacture various brand car multifunctional DVD radio GPS system device. The 2015 Ford Mondeo in-dash stereo GPS Navi radio bluetooth(A2DP,Hands-free) WiFi system headunit SUV-F7827A. With Android 4.4 OS,price USD425. With LARGE 10.4inch HD 16:9 Multi-touch screen,1024*600 pixels,digital RGB. With CANBUS,support steering wheel control. Preserve all existing functionality,upgrade your car stereo system,access to internet! Suppo
  13. re fitting the camera, Sascha (ford Retrofit.com) enabled the reversing camera option on my apim (Sync 2 Module) shipped it via UPS paid the extra he got it in 2 days and returned it within 2 days. I purchased the parts from ebay Camera, Plastic bezel Camera Module ran 4 cores cable from the sync head unit to the rear of the car under the carpet Driver side following the loom wiring. 2x cores carries the video feed to the APIM Module, and 1x Carries 12 Volts 5 Amps to the control module. Took a feed from the Rear Boot/Door for the earth and also
  14. I got a deal, as I was the first person to call him from the UK and he was doing 3 APIM Modules for me, But I will call him shortly and ask
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