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  1. lmao I know, I was looking at it and couldn't decide if she drew me a pretty picture or not..
  2. I've bought some DRL's from China, they're fixed to the fog lights so they are circle shaped. They've sent me them with all the appropriate wires but me not being technical at this kind of thing, I need some help. I need someone to break it down for a simpleton like me! I've asked them for help and they sent me the below.. For the installation method,i send you here for the connect way. The drl have 3 lines, red, black,and white. Red line-----ACC Black line-----Negative of Battery White line-----Headlamp ( at night when headlamp turn on,the drl will dimming) along with the attached image. Can anyone help?
  3. Jesus, I didn't think it'd be that expensive. I was thinking about £300 tops! Im considering an adroid based system but I'm not sure yet. Maybe when I've paid my holiday off and Im a bit more flush! Are there any down sides to the MFT? Have you lost anything like DAB or anything?
  4. Wish I had the ball's to do this but I'm no good at wiring and whatever else. Im still impressed/massively jealous of it Alan. Looks the bees knees. How much did it cost you in total? Ever thought about installing it for money? (hint)
  5. I'll give this a go, cheers pal. Do your head lights shine through the vinyl?
  6. They look great those mate. How did you go about doing them? Just buy some vinyl and cut away? Or did you follow a template and draw around it? Already checked mate, they dont do them. I did email them asking if they would produce them but they said they would only offer them if they had a model of an MK3 Focus headlight which is.. not helpful
  7. Aha yes the eyelashes are horrific! They need burning! But I'm a fan of the eyelids! Give it a bit of an edge. You can find plenty for the Fiesta but no one bothers making them for the focus 😟
  8. Anyone seen the eye kids or eyebrows you can buy for the headlights on Fiestas? IMO, makes them look a little meaner! Why aren't there any for the ford focus?
  9. Alan, that looks brilliant mate. Im really jealous! I'd do this if I had the balls to do it!
  10. That's brilliant, really helpful. Would the screen/radio need to be from the focus or could it be from a fiesta?
  11. Any idea what the part number is so I can differentiate from the others that may be the same as mine? Was it difficult to fit?
  12. Wouldn't trust it. Anything free usually has a catch!
  13. Looking forward to the development on this, please remember to let us know how it goes! Im considering the same thing :D
  14. I've got the typical Ford Focus radio system with the blue matrix display, however I really don't like it! Im looking at either installing the Sony radio with the display screen similar to the trip computer or possibly seeing if it's possible to retrofit the head unit like they have in America with the large screen. Would the large screen be compatible with the UK car? If not, I'll have to go with the Sony radio and colour display. Does anyone know what the model/part number would be so I can try and track it down, buy it and install it?
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Sonicmouse :)

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