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  1. Tasape

    Problem with tyres and LPMS

    as above but check the edge of the rim sounds like it needs cleaning and getting the crap of it , also check the wheel for cracks in it ,if you have a paddling pool! put the whole inflated wheel in to it you should be able to see where the leak is coming from and solve the issue once and for all , Argos do cheap paddling pools other shops available 🙂
  2. Tasape

    mk2.5 grills

    i think that you would need to get a paint shop to do that simply because it looks a bit fiddly ,and to book its Abs plastic so more care when doing it required
  3. Tasape

    Ford Focus Zetec 125

    there the led type and im surprised on a titanium that there not working they are part of your Ambient lighting, check your settings on the main menu first to see if they are actually on , if not use Forscan you might be able to switch them on from there, im pretty shure someone with more knowledge than me will be along soon and advise you
  4. Tasape

    DPF Guidance on Mk3 1.6 TDCI request

    just remember to put some DPF cleaner in every 3000 miles or so redex do one it cleans the dpf and injectors
  5. Tasape

    Boot Issue

    Both. The other one will have been put under extra pressure so safer to do both
  6. Tasape

    Boot Issue

    if by Hinge do you mean this https://www.cartech-one.co.uk/en/product/938184-2x-gas-spring-boot?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0a7YBRDnARIsAJgsF3MK9_g1ElUR9eZTNVVuN6ehU-vD0Xr6Uh-XEZYqwPJo6nRmgUvabREaAuWXEALw_wcB if so they are so easy to fit , and can save yourself a lot of £££
  7. Tasape

    Lowered suspension kits

    Before you do this i would check out the new MOT rules regarding this hopefully it wont affect the lowering but better to be safe than sorry
  8. Tasape

    Sync 1.1 Update Help

    is this the update your trying to install https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/ford-sync-1-1-help
  9. Tasape

    Can a Focus open/close in 'dark state'

    TBH last time i went to one of these sky watch doo's, we were allowed to unload the car in then we had to park in a car park away from the Viewing area
  10. Tasape

    Can a Focus open/close in 'dark state'

    the interior ones you should be able to switch off As for the Headlights why dont you just cover them with an old blanket of something like that even make a template of cardboard and use masking tape
  11. Tasape

    parking sensors and rain

    Mine or 1 of them does the same thing no idea what causes it at the mo but I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s th connection that gets wet
  12. Looks like you may have a split in the nozzle,easy to replace will cost about £20.00 for a new nozzle 5 min job. They are just as cheap to buy fron your local ford dealer ,also you will get the correct part from them.
  13. Tasape

    How to turn off TA

  14. Tasape

    Things to know about Automatic gearboxes

    you need to make shure that the filter and oil has been changed recently ,most owners dont do this .
  15. Tasape

    Rear Parking Sensor problem

    Have you tried swapping the new sensor with one of the working originals just to see if it is ok and not a new dud sensor ,or there is a issue in the wiring from that particular sensor fitting