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  1. Things to know about Automatic gearboxes

    you need to make shure that the filter and oil has been changed recently ,most owners dont do this .
  2. Rear Parking Sensor problem

    Have you tried swapping the new sensor with one of the working originals just to see if it is ok and not a new dud sensor ,or there is a issue in the wiring from that particular sensor fitting
  3. Oil issues under the hood

    Just a Thought have you checked the oil level if i recall to much oil can cause issues may be worth draining it and re fill to the correct level
  4. Time needed to install a clutch pack

    Definitely Courtesy a Car and ask to speak to the service manager and ask why a 2 day job ids now 4 days
  5. Advice Ford Focus ST2

    i think you should call Ford #Customer Service at their head office, 2 call for Breakdown you ma br entitled to a loan car for 24/48 hours whilst it is in with the Technicians
  6. Rear light crack

    just get some Super Glue if it it just a crack remove cover and seal it both inside and outside leave to dry then replace
  7. How to turn off TA

    just pres the TA button untill it goes off i think it mat be 3 times Ta - TA- Tp Tp and off
  8. My Mk3 ZS - Brake Suggestions

    Mintex, get them on Ebay quite cheap EBC are good but Expensive
  9. Mk3 OS Dash Vent

    have a look on https://www.breakerlink.com/cars/ford/focus/#.WmweYKhl-Uk but i think to get the old one out you do it from inside the little glove box below
  10. i would see if you can move the latch to the open position i have had this happen on other cars when ive had the door frozen and all i did was flip the latch
  11. somtime you just need to re set the latch back to the open/closed position video not available
  12. Interior light issue (Doesn't go off)

    Not that im an expert but a couple of things come to mind firstly check the Switch if possible and clean the contacts as it could just be a bit of dirt stopping it or a poor connection secondly try changing the bulb it may have malfunctioned
  13. Another sat nav question

    just found this http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/71441-2014-focus-zetec-s-stereodisplay-upgrade/
  14. Fitting Daytime lights

    I fitted the lights myself and got my local garage to do the electrical stuff, there may meamobile electrician somewhere local but honestly fit the lights yourself.
  15. Fitting Daytime lights

    the slots on the front just pop out but do it carfully (PUN) behind them is polystyrene inserts these also pull out ,lights should just pop in insert cables first and use cable ties to keep cable away from and moving parts on the Engine then wire up as per the instructions tbh i had an auto electrician wire mine up took him 10 mins but was done correctly