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  1. Hi All is it possible to install a push button start on the mk 8 transit ,ifso where would I get the kit from
  2. hi Have you tried something like https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/fuel-oil-additives/wynns-diesel-egr-valve-cleaner-150ml?istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istFeedId=367c5610-f937-4c81-8609-f84582324cd6&istItemId=xlaiqrmt&istBid=t&_$ja=tsid:94971|cid:865695751|agid:43902126615|tid:pla-330377480857|crid:202397318373|nw:g|rnd:12816303601883428455|dvc:c|adp:|mt:|loc:9046286&gclid=Cj0KCQiAvc_xBRCYARIsAC5QT9kJuX6ResDV1GduBeztXhhh5g5RAoGJW0LPelNpX_pvIm-J-aFsx5MaArEUEALw_wcB there are others on the market it may be a cheaper solution than buying an EGR valve
  3. http://www.profusioncustoms.com/stainless-steel-performance-exhaust-in-north-london/
  4. Why don’t you just drop the tyre to be repaired and pick it up later
  5. Service plans start at approximately 30pcm remember though any garage will stamp your book to keep a FSH also I have found that it only includes oil ,filter,and the basics plus mot,it is cheaper to go to your local garage for the service,I can’t wait for mine to finish tbh. My local garage laughed at me when I told them for an auto gearbox filter and. Oil change is £240.00. So the only thing extra you get is Ford Assist
  6. just purchased EBC oem pads and brakes thro the full member club discounts next day delivery £60.00 all in
  7. Ohi see it’s all about the Bumper is it not the little old pump. Ha
  8. Sorted,thanks, my mechanic has a small child that he uses to fix this issue. 😅😂🤣 nooooo he can actually just remove the headlight and get his hand in the gap to do it
  9. Hi All My windscreen washer pump has died a thousand death's i change the fuse but to no Avail , si i have ordered a new Pump problem is i cannot find any info on changing it , all i can finf is videos on changing the water bottle and pump i don particularly want to have to tear the front of the car dow do do this. is there a simple way i e remove headlight etc thanks
  10. TBH the car should have been handed back to you in the same condition + repairs that were done , i put it back in the garage and make shure you get a loan car paid for by them untill it is fixed at no cost to you , go to trading standards, also see if your insurance has and Legal sections on it that you can use if your mechanic refuses to do this . hopefully he will fix it and keep a loyal customer rather than loose one .
  11. this may sound silly but have you gone into the Sound Menu ? it is usually all controlled from there, also When in Reverse turn up the volume on your radio see if that makes a difference
  12. i wouldn't worry its not a Huge job more of a fiddly one, why dont you just take a few pics of the Dashboard area of the car and under the bonnet by and then when you go to collect it just compare pics.
  13. i think you'll find that it would be an MOT Failure, the chrome is there to reflect the light out , take that out and your headlights would be about a bright as a torch on low battery
  14. I assume there is no warranty on the car ? Fuses ? is the first port of call ,for all of them. Rear windscreen make sure the connections are on on the glass part itself , look to see if you can spot any breaks in the heating elements on the actual windscreen you'll need to get to the wiring connectors on the mirrors to see if they are actually connected see you tube on how to do this
  15. It just Sounds like Air in the Tank so once the water gets Hot ,the air in the tank will push water out of the " overflow pipe" hence you keep topping it up one fix it to remove the cap on the bottle and run the engine till all the air bubbles stop, if they dont then you may have a leak or drawing in air from somewhere, i take it there is no fluid under the car ?
  16. as above but check the edge of the rim sounds like it needs cleaning and getting the crap of it , also check the wheel for cracks in it ,if you have a paddling pool! put the whole inflated wheel in to it you should be able to see where the leak is coming from and solve the issue once and for all , Argos do cheap paddling pools other shops available 🙂
  17. i think that you would need to get a paint shop to do that simply because it looks a bit fiddly ,and to book its Abs plastic so more care when doing it required
  18. there the led type and im surprised on a titanium that there not working they are part of your Ambient lighting, check your settings on the main menu first to see if they are actually on , if not use Forscan you might be able to switch them on from there, im pretty shure someone with more knowledge than me will be along soon and advise you
  19. just remember to put some DPF cleaner in every 3000 miles or so redex do one it cleans the dpf and injectors
  20. Both. The other one will have been put under extra pressure so safer to do both
  21. if by Hinge do you mean this https://www.cartech-one.co.uk/en/product/938184-2x-gas-spring-boot?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0a7YBRDnARIsAJgsF3MK9_g1ElUR9eZTNVVuN6ehU-vD0Xr6Uh-XEZYqwPJo6nRmgUvabREaAuWXEALw_wcB if so they are so easy to fit , and can save yourself a lot of £££
  22. Before you do this i would check out the new MOT rules regarding this hopefully it wont affect the lowering but better to be safe than sorry
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