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  1. Thanks I used that site to confirm no Speedo issues. If I was to go down this route could I replace in pairs or would I need to replace all 4 ?
  2. has anybody replaced original 195 50 r16 with 195 55 r16. looking to replace tyres but can only get the ones i want in the larger size. these have a circumference that is 3.1% larger . which should be within the speedos error range. anything else i should be considering before going ahead.
  3. Depends on what modifications you have. Aviva have quite a long list of "modifications" which don't need to be declared. They have been the most non performance mod friendly I have come across. And are competitive
  4. One of fords fuel saving tips is to increase pressures by 4 psi but no more On what the plate states. I don't see them doing this if there were any legal or safety issues in doing so.
  5. I have these tyres and put 30 psi in the rears and 37 psi in the front which is ford recommend eco pressure for a lightly loaded vehicle. Ment to increase fuel economy over standard pressure.
  6. cjay1

    sad times

    This is where a parking mode dash cam would of paid for itself. Maybe something to consider for the future.
  7. its very sensitive to how its driven 40+ mpg is easily achievable even during city driving with very careful driving it's even possible to exceed official mpg figures.
  8. Apart from all the normal fuel saving tips I've found high octane fuel increases fuel economy. I tend to fill up with momentum as it only 5ppl. Google ecoboost oar for info on how the engine does this.
  9. Engine is very sensitive to how it's driven you can have eco or boost you must pick one. I have a mk 7.5 125 ecoboost and driven conservatively get 450 miles to a tank.
  10. cjay1


    i fitted this reception is spot on https://www.dabonwheels.co.uk/product/kinetic-dra-6001-dab-dab-fm-sw-mw-lw-car-aerial-3/
  11. It could be a fault but fiestas have a "smart charge" system. it tries to not charge the battery where it would cause an increase in fuel consumption unless the battery is below threshold values in that case it charges continuously until threshold charge is achieved. What should happen under normal conditions is the battery should recharge when slowing down in gear. Try lifting off early for traffic lights junctions etc instead of using the brake so it has more chance to charge. Driving like this you should also notice improved fuel consumption. Also check for power drains when switched off as this could cause a flat battery. I have smart charge system fitted to my mk7.5 and on a average I do 20 1.1 mile and 2 3.5mile journeys per week with a longer journey a couple of times a month and a dash cam running in parking mode and never had. A flat battery.
  12. From what I believe it can take up no more than 4 cm2 of the wiper sweep area to pass a current not. Otherwise it is classed as obstructing driver vision.
  13. id go for the 125. if your concerned about safe driving you can activate mykey for the key the new driver will use to control functions like seatbelt minder max radio volume and top speed
  14. It sounds like one of the struts has failed. My original struts lift unassisted 3/4 of the way.
  15. I thought the big 20a at the bottom did the cig lighter could be wrong but is worth a check.