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  1. Yes, but those EU countries have harsh winters most winters so makes sense, whereas the UK can go several years before a period of servere winter weather hits the more populated areas of the UK so not worth the cost of 2 sets of tyres being changed around twice a year.
  2. thanks everyone I'm leaning towards keeping them a bit longer but if one gets damaged then i will go ahead and replace all 4 with a quality all season tyre currently have continental premium contact 2 fitted generally a good summer tyre however not all the tread is to full depth this is apparently to give a new tyre better stability/ rigidity but as it wares and the shallow tread disappears poor weather performance does deteriorate and because of this i don't recommend below is tread at 8mm vs 3mm
  3. yes i think so and after specifically asking for an all season quote they quote for a winter tyre. they did suggest going to asdatyres.co.uk or mytyre.co.uk to get the price down as they fit tyres from those websites.
  4. is swapping from halogen to led bulbs road legal without changing the housing? and are they better at lighting the road as the halogen 150%+ bulbs currently available? edit: their website gave me my answer
  5. Just had the car back from its mot with 4 advisories on tyres 5.2.3 (e)tyres worn close to legal limit / worn on edge the garage also carried out a courtesy safety check that lists all 4 tyres as 3mm 22% life remaining. Due to current restrictions i'm only doing approx 2.5k per year. so should i get the tyres changed or just keep an eye on them and leave it another year? The garage has quoted £563.96 fully fitted 4 tyres goodyear ugrip perform 19550r16 which i think is a bit steep. looking online i can get kleber quadraxer 2 19550r16 excludes fitting for £320 for 4 I have attached a couple of pictures of the tyres as tbf I was surprised they were flagged up on the mot as they look good to me
  6. believe it may be possible with forscan if 2 original keys are still programmed but id check compatibility first before going down this route
  7. Just our of interest why do haynes recommend a shorter interval than ford as they designed and built the engine shouldn't they know best as to the replacement interval?
  8. Auto wipers can be switched off under vehicle settings just untick auto wipe then the auto wipe position becomes intermittent with the white dashes adjust the timing.
  9. Push and hold the voice button on the steering wheel for 5 seconds to access menu.
  10. There looks to be a tiny bit of rust on the bottom pipe next to the rubber hose and on the top pipe where it meets the turbo. but the rest of the pipe looks good. Could be a haggling point as preventative maintenance may be necessary to prevent it getting any worse
  11. Having driven both ecoboost every time with better MPG (If driven off boost most of the time) and free road tax. Better performance when you need it and Lower running costs when you don't win win
  12. 1. To enter menu mode, hold the OK buttton for 3 seconds 2. To navigate the menu, use the volume up/down and the track up/down buttons. Push the OK button to select 3. Menu mode will be exited automatically after 10 seconds without a button press
  13. Sync 3.0 to 3.4 update guide. note this is not supported by Ford but is possible https://cyanlabs.net/tutorials/update-ford-sync-3-2-2-3-0-to-version-3-4-all-years-3-4-19200/
  14. they should still work through bluetooth audio.
  15. Switch off android auto in settings