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  1. that reset is for the mk7, the mark 8 I believe it can only be done with forescan but can't say 100%
  2. you can get good fuel economy in town from a 1.0 EcoBoost if driven "correctly" first, you can have eco or boost but not both at the same time you must pick one. if you pick eco you need to do the following to get best mpg accelerate gently keeping rpm low change up at 1800 rpm and down at 1200rpm try not to use the brakes slow gradually using a trailing throttle switch off non-essential accessories like ac heated screen etc try not to stop at every red light move to a trailing throttle early and give it time to turn green before you get there same is true for any other possible hold up. anticipate what could happen up ahead and give any potential hold up time to clear controversial one this but i believe super unleaded gives better mpg in the EcoBoost after flicking back and forth a few times between Tesco standard and momentum it costs around 4% more but gives around 8% better fuel economy. using the above I get around 400 miles from a tank on short town driving (43mpg approx) and 550 miles from a tank of long cross country journies (59mpg approx)
  3. Has anybody seen the news recently. Ford have released motion activated key fobs which automatically switch the signal off when no movement is detected for 40 seconds. Maybe something worth looking into.
  4. I believe the connections are different.
  5. stop-start needs a good battery to work properly. if it went flat enough to not start.it is probably not in good enough condition for the stop-start to function reliably.
  6. I have played around with tyre pressure and have settled with 37/30 most of the time. which is the manual recommended pressures +4psi which is one of fords fuel economy tips. have gone higher but found a slight but noticeable reduction in grip esp in the wet. if the car is fully loaded then again I follow the manual +4psi
  7. Any decent parking record camera will have a voltage cut-off ensuring battery isn't drained completely flat so a flat battery shouldn't be an issue.
  8. Most "permanent live" are on a 30 minute battery saver. one exception I found was the clock fuse
  9. The original efb battery fitted to the fiesta takes longer to charge than an agm battery since the original 60 ah efb battery spuded it's guts up I replaced with a 75 ah agm and despite doing mostly short journey's and having a parking mode dashcam stop/start works almost faultlessly.
  10. If your only getting a Ford service to preserve warranty then no need as any vat registered garage can perform the service and maintain warranty under bloc exemption. Getting it done elsewhere will probably save yourself a few quid.
  11. armour-all shield wax is good for stopping mud sticking and achieving a just washed look for longer
  12. this is what I have a whiter much brighter light cost around £22 the pair https://www.ringautomotive.com/en/product/rw1577
  13. 1.25 82 bhp fiesta might be worth a look at your low mileage. its perfectly adequate around town and will quite happily cruise at 70 on the motorway. not quite as powerful as an EcoBoost but more oomph than the 59 bhp variant of that engine. other option if you can is to increase your budget a bit and get an EcoBoost. if budget fixed would a 70,000+plus EcoBoost be such a bad thing as they should last at least 150,000 miles according to ford still a few years of motoring at your mileage
  14. Looking at the tech specs of momentum vs tesco 95 momentum is denser so possibly is more calorific? So possibly better mpg all other things being equal? www.greenergy.com/uploads/GcXQO6FIzF5E_99octane_2018.11.pdf www.greenergy.com/uploads/EVAa0LGZyg8m_petrol_2018.11.pdf
  15. acc is short for accessory which is 1 click before engine start acc should remain on throughout the procedure just wait 10 seconds before starting the button presses