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  1. I had a squeak from that area turned out to be a loose bolt on the battery retaining bracket. Tightened the bolt and the squeak was gone. Might be worth a look around the engine bay to see if anything could be responsible for the noise
  2. If you have a backup camera it won't work on the factory screen or with the aftermarket setup without cutting wires and adding an RCA plug for the head unit
  3. How did you manage to get such poor fuel economy? I have the same car and can get 45mpg city and 65mpg on the highway all day long.
  4. Cross Climate 2 have been excellent for me better than the continental premium Contact 2 they replaced. Not the cheapest but designed to maintain performance throughout their life to 1.6mm tread depth.
  5. I had a similar situation in a ford galaxy the voltage quickly dropped off and stopped charging a discharged battery after only a few minutes. It went back to Ford 3 times with no fault found. I plugged in my laptop running forscan and completed charging and battery diagnostics and found a fault where the discharged battery stopped charging after a couple of minutes then after around 20 minutes after the engine switch on actively discharged the already discharged battery to the point it threw up numerous DTC codes. It went back to Ford a 4th time with this data and a new BMS sensor and software updates were applied that fixed the problem.
  6. If you wish to go ethanol free esso super is in many parts of England. Check their website for E0 locations as the E0 fuel is labelled as E5 on the pumps as per regulations
  7. I believe The CTSFO020.2 system is sync 3 compatible with the ability to retain voice control with optional SWCREFLASHER. Looking at the system it's not something for a novice to attempt. If the original poster hates the head unit that much it can be changed for a price.
  8. it is possible to replace with aftermarket unit https://connects2.com/Product/ProductItem/CTKFD69https://connects2.com/Product/ProductItem/CTKFD69
  9. I have reattached the wheel arch liner using part number 1738233.
  10. What fixing do I need to secure a wheel arch lining to the car?
  11. i got these https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/h7-twenty20-daylight-200-12v-55w-477-halogen-bulbs.html as they have a longer warranty than most other high performance bulbs on the market. also currently get 10.2% cashback if you go via topcashback https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/cjay2412
  12. Thermostat stuck open was a problem for me cost £150 to be replaced. cabin is now toasty warm within around 5 miles
  13. The regen charge only limped the battery on another 6 months. Although it still just about started the engine SS didn't work due to low voltage. Tried recharging it but after 24 hours tripped a fault code as the charge failed. So bitten the bullet and got a Bosch s5a08. At least now I know it's going to last the winter. SS now kicks in within half a mile
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