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  1. Mine is also not reaching operating temperature.it settles at 2or 3 dots on the temperature guage. Would a stuck open thermostat trigger a fault code as I have none? I do drive in an eco friendly manner would this stop the engine reaching operating temperature.
  2. double declutching may help prevent further ware to the syncro
  3. check your owners manual it will list alternative tyre sizes that are acceptable to use. 195 45 r16 may be acceptable alternative without having to swap wheels
  4. you can change this in forscan to allow battery to recharge to up to 100% at the expense of slightly poorer fuel economy. car will continue to recharge by default beyond 80% but only when car is moving in gear without pressing the accelerator.
  5. Yes my scratch repair is now on its 4th respray 2 complete botch jobs followed by a 3rd that started cracking after a couple of months. The 4th isn't perfect but only noticeable at the correct angle so I just live with it.
  6. Glue tab slide hammer dent pullers work really good used one to remove a door dent. You wouldn't know there was ever a dent.
  7. cjay1

    E10 Fuel

    Esso sell e0 in there super unleaded products. I did read an American report on the 1.0 ecoboost that concluded when using E15 to boost the Ron to 98 the mpg penalty was only 1% despite having 5.6% less energy. What they didn't do however was test a 98 Ron e0 fuel if standard E10 reduces economy by 11.5% and super e0 increases economy. it could be cost effective and environmentally sound to use e0 as net co2 per mile would be less. The ecoboost is able to change its fuel management strategy based on octane thanks to its OAR (octane adjust ratio) system so the higher octane fuel retu
  8. cjay1

    E10 Fuel

    It could be more than you think. "E10 test results In our tests, the 89bhp Dacia Sandero struggled most, returning an 11.5% drop in mpg. That’s an extra cost of around £202 every 12,000 miles. The 99bhp Hyundai i30 was nearly as bad, managing 9.8% fewer miles on E10 than E0, an extra £16 a month" hopefully the ecoboost won't be this bad https://www.whatcar.com/news/what-car-e10-fuel-tests/n11430
  9. cjay1

    E10 Fuel

    E0 unleaded is more calorific than E10 but the only E0 near me is Esso supreme 99 but costs 18ppl more than the supermarket standard how likely would efficiency gains outweigh the increased cost?
  10. these are road legal and very good light output. the only downside is bulb life is nowhere near led. https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/h7-philips-racingvision-gt200-12v-55w-halogen-bulbs-pair.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA1pyCBhCtARIsAHaY_5d6kJJBRxpu7nC5o5iaT6ZMqaR_v9L9ItRK-zSzq5kzMqHhSchIy7UaAk1MEALw_wcB
  11. Negitive cable should be connected to a vehicle ground point and not the terminal on the battery. As the car needs to know how much power is going in to the battery. And state of charge of said battery. If you recharge the battery with the negitive to negitive terminal on battery then it's best to leave it overnight. So that the car can learn its new battery charge values.
  12. Yes battery is good and charging system working correctly I have tried disabling ACS with forscan but this causes other errors with hill assist and abs. Further testing I've discovered the error is being triggered by currupt data from body control module. Is there any way I can disable ACS to remove the warning? Any ideas on how much this will cost to fix?
  13. i'm getting active city stop not available every time i start the car so far i have checked the fuse which is good and checked for codes and there were loads which i cleared. the only code what immediately came back was from the fdsm module u0422:81-28 invalid data received from body control module u0422 any ideas on how to fix?
  14. 096 battery size fits but the top retaining bracket needs to be bent slightly to get it to fit.
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