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  1. If there the premium contact 2 they have primary and secondary tread the secondary tread is shallower than the primary tread but are still road legal as long as the primary tread is 1.6mm
  2. You will need an aftermarket radio for that can be done but isn't cheap. Cost around £130 for the adaptors plus the cost of the radio plus fitting if you can't do it yourself
  3. Fitting a rated tyres instead of g rated can save 80 litres of fuel over 10,000 miles so worth checking the tyre label befour purchase. As it can save quite a lot of money over the tyre life
  4. is a roof mounted carrier definitely ruled out? it is in my opinion the best solution for the fiesta and gives you options for the future. transporting a double mattress for example or fitting a roof box to name 2.my bike is 17kg and it goes on no problem and nobody would call me a strong person. the trick is to pick the bike up with both hands and place it on the rack then hold it there with one hand (no weight as its on the rack) then swivel the retaining arm in to place and lock. the rack can be left in place all the time if you wish without restricting access to the car. a boot mounted bike carrier would need to be removed when not in use would reduce rear vision when in use you will probably also need light board and number plate to avoid unwanted attention from police
  5. May be worth getting the battery tested as a dying battery can cause some weird electrical errors to pop.
  6. Aftermarket is your only option. It will cost around £150 for all the adaptors so the new radio will play nice with the car plus the cost of the radio. But you will have more options and features than the standard. Below is a photo of an aftermarket touchscreen to give an idea of what it will look like
  7. That my theory out then thought it could be battery saver set to zero but if they don't work with engine running door open it can't be that.
  8. do the lights come on if you open the door with the engine running?
  9. I too am a big believer in one pedal driving. Giving yourself a bigger gap and anticipate the traffic slowdowns saves fuel, brake and tyres not to mention reduced vehicle emissions.
  10. Yeah for the couple of days a year winter tyres would be of benefit I can't see the cost benefit. All seasons get me up the snow covered hill out of my estate without drama where as the summer continentals really do struggle. For me good quality all seasons are perfect for my driving needs without the twice a year tyre swap.
  11. I don't thing the UK climate demands winter tyres but all season are great for what the UK climate normally throughs at us and can be used all year
  12. Have you found a way of changing vehicle settings without the top screen? Would love to be able to change vehicle settings from the aftermarket unit. To answer your question I believe connects2 dose one as part of a kit not sure of they do it on its own though.
  13. As long as the car is at tickover it's safe to turn off. Sometimes coolant will continue to circulate if needed.
  14. To be fair I have always rotated the tyres regularly to ensure the best tread is at the front as front ware faster and never had an issue with a rear end happy car. Frequently rotating means you can replace all tyres at same time when my current contental premium contact 2 have hit 2mm I will replace all 4 with kleblr quadraxer2 as they have the same wet grip performance b as current tyre but are more fuel efficient c instead of e less noise 69 db instead of 71db and have a mud and snow rating for the odd wintery spell we get in the UK.