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  1. cjay1


    the fix will only work on next vehicle restart after switching off wifi settings as sync needs to fully shutdown and startup. the system can go many months without gps loss with wifi turned on before it starts playing up.
  2. cjay1


    Oh didn't know that. All I can say it worked on a 66 plate galaxy sync 3
  3. cjay1


    Try Switching off connect to WiFi networks and updates via WiFi options and the issue should go away
  4. If performance in frost and snow is a consideration for you have you considered an all season tyre like cross climate or conti all season contacts to name a couple as these offer good summer and winter performance
  5. There are 2 routes you can go Android system designed for the car and somewhat retains original look or Traditional universal aftermarket radio like kenwood alpine where you will need the appropriate facia and cables to connect radio to car and not retain the original look.
  6. this is for a mk 7.5 the mk8 need to be done with a laptop.
  7. I use it. It auto locks at 15 mph and to unlock you just pull the handle not sure how it "get in the way" as you have to pull the handle to open the door anyway. If you stop mid journey to pick someone up just push the lock button and they can let themselves in drive off and it auto locks again at 15 mph.
  8. has anybody ever gone up 2 sizes to 195 55 r16?. noticed on forscan there are a number of different wheel circumferences listed that can be programmed in to the car i assume to keep the speedo accurate? this would mate it the same size as a mk8
  9. i've managed to cure the issue on a sync 3 galaxy by switching off wifi and auto updates. could be worth a try
  10. cjay1


    Have you tried resetting tpms I get this warning on mine sometimes but a reset fixes it.
  11. I have a thurl set and I would go for the Cruze set if I was in the market now as they take 60kg over 40kg of the thurl set and are cheaper. The way to look at it is you can carry a light load on a Cruze set but can't carry a heavy load with a thurl set.
  12. i wouldn't call it a worthwhile upgrade to be honest i sometimes use it but find mpg improvements are minor but ac comfort is reduced along with throttle response and top end performance. today i completed a 70 mile round trip and achieved 66 mpg mostly motorway with the eco button off with ac off on the way there and on on the way back
  13. Good reed that. So basically if your Speedo is currently reading at approx 110% on 45 a change to 50 tires it will still over read but to a lesser amount and so still be road legal?
  14. i was under the impression either tyre size was acceptable and the speedo was set to over read on the 45 and not under reed on the 50 mine left the factory in 2015 with 45 but when i replace fairly soon i will probably go with 50.
  15. cjay1

    Dab system

    I do like the look of that if you do go for it please leave a review as it may help others