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  1. Petrol mileage display

    My last tank I only averaged 34.9 mpg down from 44 mpg in the summer. Is that big a drop in fuel economy normal for a fieata 125 ecoboost?
  2. How low do you go before refuelling?

    I let it go into the red and at around 30 miles to empty I refill to the top. why refill more than you have to?
  3. New Fiesta owner issues

    you shouldn't need to double declutch it just prevents the crunch as you engage reverse. another option is to be stationary for a couple of seconds before selecting reverse. first and second should engage easily otherwise there's a problem
  4. New Fiesta owner issues

    It's an old but reliable box unfortunately there is no synchromesh. But it should easily slip in if double declutched. If first and second are stiff it could be a fault. As far as I know the assistance is electronic giving more assistance at low speeds and less at higher speeds
  5. Coolant cap split in two mk7.5

    if it still under warranty ford will cover the repair or at least they did with me
  6. Dashcam blur from heated windscreen?

    dash cams are usually fixed focus. if that is the case it may be faulty requiring repair or replacement. what is the focus like when not pointed through the windscreen?
  7. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    How can leaving it outside cause it to rust? Where does it say in the instruction manual it has to be stored a certain way? Is it fit for purpose if it can't be left outside?
  8. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    80 c constant 150 c intermittent will be fine wouldn't it? Don't the pipes reach 90 c approx but only when engine running and up to temperature most of its time will be spent with the engine off at ambient temperature
  9. I swapped my EFB for an AGM. paid £97 off eBay came with a 5-year warranty how good a warranty off eBay will be I hope not to find out. at 10 months old still working well. only things to bear in mind is that the 096 agm is 15mm taller so the retaining plate for the battery has to be bent a little so it can be screwed down. with the battery fully charged and installed, the vehicle has to be told of the new battery and to disregard the data it has on the old battery and learn the new. this is done by switching ignition on for 10 seconds then press fog switch 5 times then hazard switch 3 times the battery light will then flash to confirm the procedure was successful. switch off, job done.
  10. Mk8 Gripes

    In that case you will have to find the correct value to enter to programme the car. This will make it a little more difficult but once you know what to Change the number to its fairly straight foward
  11. Optimum RPM

    yes, the change point is dynamic if your cruising it will change at 2000 rpm if under heavy acceleration it doesn't show until 6000 rpm as changing up earlier in these conditions will slow acceleration.
  12. Optimum RPM

    does it though I thought there only job was to help drivers be more economical.
  13. Mk8 Gripes

    just change the values then when happy press write. a few seconds later job done.
  14. Mk8 Gripes

    Just enter the Drop down menu and select the option to enable I also set it to auto relock if a door is opened. It will only work if enabled it will be disabled from the factory.
  15. Petrol mileage display

    So does this mean when showing 0 miles there is still actually a gallon or so left in the tank so there is still 30-50 miles till it actually runs out?