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  1. cjay1

    Wiper blade size for MK7.5?

    Sorry to bump an old thread but does anybody know how to maximise the sweep area of the mark 7.5. Thinking possibly changing the wiper arms to allow larger blades to be fitted?
  2. cjay1

    Impressive MK8 1.0 EcoBoost 140 MPG

    Used to think super would make no difference to the ecoboost and although raw performance is no different. Fuel economy has improved by around 10%. enough to cover the 5ppl additional cost so will probably keep using it.
  3. cjay1

    Strange reaction to stop / start

    electronic power steering controlled by computers perhaps an error was keeping the power steering active when it shouldn't switching off the car probably reset the system? just thought
  4. cjay1

    New Fiesta owner!

    The 1.4 isn't a fast engine it is slower than a 1.0 ecoboost but faster than a 1.25. You will struggle accelerate in 5th as it is really only for cruising if you need to pick up speed drop it down a gear
  5. cjay1

    Forscan lead

    there are hundreds of options you can change some require additional hardware to work some don't just make sure you back everything up before you change anything so you can change it back if you're not happy.
  6. cjay1

    TPMS Sensors not detected

    so if the warning light is on its a major but if the light disabled in forscan and tyres at the correct pressure it should pass without issue?
  7. I have heard that the higher octane fuel produces less carbon not sure how but if it does than that has to be better for the engine. the report above also proved the EcoBoost was able to advance its timing and improve fuel efficiency. for super unleaded like Tesco momentum that is only 5 ppl more than there standard, the benefits may outweigh the additional cost of the fuel. to break even you would need to increase efficiency by around 4% or 2 mpg. could well be possible as it is adjusting its timing to take advantage of super unleaded.
  8. would be interested to know the bhp of regular vs super petrol I'm guessing standard would be less otherwise why the *
  9. cjay1

    Forscan lead

    +1 for the auto locks also stops carjacking and theft from your vehicle
  10. cjay1

    Forscan lead

    no all windows need to be electric for it to work
  11. found a couple of things to add to the fuel debate first off it appears that the 1.0 EcoBoost can utilize higher octane fuels (fiesta testing from pg 15) https://www.fueleconomy.gov/*****/pdfs/ORNL_High_Octane_Legacy_Vehicles_Report(final).pdf http://www.fiestafaction.com/forums/threads/42821-Ford-s-1-0-HP-Rating-is-based-on-93-Octanehttp://www.fiestafaction.com/forums/threads/42821-Ford-s-1-0-HP-Rating-is-based-on-93-Octane 93 octane US is about 98 octane UK so it might not be a complete waste of money going for super unleaded although the difference may well too small to notice in every day driving.
  12. cjay1

    Start/Stop Battery

    You can replace efb with agm. But you can't replace agm with efb. I've replaced the original 60ah efb with a 75 ah agm.
  13. cjay1

    Impressive MK8 1.0 EcoBoost 140 MPG

    what the engine rpm @70 with the 6 speed?
  14. cjay1

    Impressive MK8 1.0 EcoBoost 140 MPG

    when driven sensibly mpg is brilliant I also find the warmer weather helps too. people drive these engines by smashing the throttle and brake constantly then wonder why mpg is so bad.
  15. the engine has some braking but not a lot. sometimes you have to use the brakes but never had any issue with overheating brakes or brake fade. the engine has never overheated on any Welsh mountain I have been up. but if things are hot the coolant keeps circulating around the system after the engine been switched off.