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  1. id go for the 125. if your concerned about safe driving you can activate mykey for the key the new driver will use to control functions like seatbelt minder max radio volume and top speed
  2. It sounds like one of the struts has failed. My original struts lift unassisted 3/4 of the way.
  3. I thought the big 20a at the bottom did the cig lighter could be wrong but is worth a check.
  4. I sometimes get a smell from mine but its only run 5 mins a week or when it's hot. so could be the reason. if I leave it on auto does the ac run all the time or only when needed? I tend to keep it off in town to reduce fuel consumption. but if auto switched it off when not needed am I wasting my time?
  5. so are gpf's more reliable then dpf's for short city driving? or do these new fiestas need regular motorway driving to keep them ticking over?
  6. I cut the bar out and had no problem refitting the factory radio back when my Kenwood went in for warranty repair. So can't see having any issues cutting the bar out the factory radio looked no different without it
  7. 1.2 mile journey 4 times a day at this time of year stop always works by the end of the journey and this is with a parking mode camera giving the battery a hammering. Although this is with a 75 ah AGM battery fitted in place of the 60 ah EFB battery
  8. it does work it activates at 15 mph. there is also a second option called retrigger functionality. where if you pull over and let somebody out it will relock again when you drive off
  9. its perfectly usable I have done it myself. as you already have the stereo it may well be your cheapest option.
  10. Fiesta ecoboost are really common unless you're getting an amazing deal i would just walk away from a potentially large bill. There are plenty of good examples about without the potentially engine destroying rust issue.
  11. with regards to fuel economy, the figures will vary wildly based on how it's driven you can have eco or boost but you can't have both you must pick 1 give it the beans constantly and knock up to 50%off the official figures. drive economically and although difficult it is possible to achieve the official figures.
  12. Fuel economy is much better on the 1.0 ecoboost town driving archives 320 miles a tank from the 1.25 Vs 400 from the 1.0 ecoboost also performance is much better from the ecoboost having owned both I wouldn't go back to the 1.25. In regards to stop start it's so refined on the ecoboost you don't notice it. Unlike the 2.0 desiel I also drive that shakes the whole car as it stop starts.
  13. you can get good fuel economy in town from a 1.0 EcoBoost if driven "correctly" first, you can have eco or boost but not both at the same time you must pick one. if you pick eco you need to do the following to get best mpg accelerate gently keeping rpm low change up at 1800 rpm and down at 1200rpm try not to use the brakes slow gradually using a trailing throttle switch off non-essential accessories like ac heated screen etc try not to stop at every red light move to a trailing throttle early and give it time to turn green before you get there same is true for any other possible hold up. anticipate what could happen up ahead and give any potential hold up time to clear controversial one this but i believe super unleaded gives better mpg in the EcoBoost after flicking back and forth a few times between Tesco standard and momentum it costs around 4% more but gives around 8% better fuel economy. using the above I get around 400 miles from a tank on short town driving (43mpg approx) and 550 miles from a tank of long cross country journies (59mpg approx)
  14. the crossbar will need to be to be cut out. warranty will only be affected if ford believes that removal of the bar has caused the issue you're claiming for. for example if the gearbox broke it would still be covered under warranty as the bar removal could not have contributed to it failing.
  15. I went with the second option with option 1-second hand units the maps will be out of date so will probably need to be updated before you start. as well as the facia you will need: FAKRA Antenna Adapter Ford Steering Wheel Control Interface ( cable adaptors and control module) Universal head unit connection lead (patch lead) ford hazard/lock switch (if your current one doesn't look like the one in the picture) p.s id gets the facia you linked to above and the one in my photo the facia in the video looks ugly and caught the sunlight terribly. the facia in the video is the one i originally installed before reinstalling the current one i have now