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  1. I Have Made A Big Misstake

    i have recently bought a 206 diesel 1.9 dw8 engine i used to have an amazing 1.3 fiesta endura e engine even tho this 206 is quicker its a better handler and everything i still find myself missing my fiesta i think i should oh stuck wi ford and got a focus i am now currently looking for a focus id like max fuel economy but with a bit of power infact ill take any ford i miss them so much any ideas
  2. Problem Mk4 Fiesta

    i have a 1.3 endura e engine and my clutch has recently gone and i have changed my whole air unit including idle control valve but my problem is the car shudders when trying to get up to speed and it loses power inless i drop down but then there is a horrable clutch smell. also when fitting the new clutch we fitted a dual mass flywheel any ideas atal because i am losing my mind
  3. hi i have a mark 4 fiesta endura e engine 1.3 and some times when im droping speed the battery and oil comes on it doesnt always cut the engine out. but it does sometimes i just wounderd what could be corsing this problem.
  4. drive shaft problem on mk4

    i have recently found out that i have a damaged bearing on the inner side of my drive shaft. dealing with this i went to the wreckers and got an exsiting one that was from the same year p reg fiesta and same 1.3 engine but when i was about to fit the part i found out that the bearing i got from the wreckers would not fit in my female bit. is there alot of various sizes in bearings and has any one got any advice
  5. driveshaft question

    im having the same problem with my mk4 fiesta i recently got a drive shaft from the wreckers but the bearings dont fit in my female house hold does any one know what i will need
  6. i have recently opend the wire to the speedo senser due to my car over reving and i just wounderd why is it there in the first place if the car works with out it. also i i wounderd how meny more things i can disconect and the car still run.