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  1. Help With Alloy Wheel Bolts!!

    Thank you so much for your replies. I have however been a fool, its my girlfriends car so shes out and about in it most of the time, and I was convinced I needed bolts and not nuts, without double checking ive spent weeks looking for larger then standard bolts, ive just had a look, and i need nuts!!! the wider ones like you suggested in the photo. Thank you so much for your responses. Problem solved. phew.
  2. Please help I bought some wheel bolts thinking they would fit okay for some alloy wheels I bought for my Fiesta edge 1.2 2009. I bought m12 x 1.5 26mm bolts with a 60 degree taper, which according to all databases seem to be the right bolts, however the alloy wheels I have bought which are 15” genuine ford ones were from a fiesta zetec, which according to all databases and wheel size specifications should fit my car, unfortunately these wheels have bigger holes where the bolts go through, the m12 bolt head doesnt seem to be big enough to fill the taper on the zetec alloy wheel, its difficult for me to measure the exact taper angl and depth so I was just wondering whether you may know which bolts should fit? I have spent weeks looking for the correct bolts and been to half a dozen garages but all direct me to ford zetec wheel nuts, I am assuming that the zetec wheel hubs have bolts on them and the wheels are placed over the bolts and then nuts placed on after, but my fiesta needs bolts not nuts to fit my wheels... So to sum up I think I need an m12 x 1.5 bolt with at least a 26mm thread but with a bigger bolt head than a 19mm hex with a 60 degree taper, or some kind of collet, or something which will reduce the size of the holes in the wheel?? I hope that makes some sort of sense and hope that you will be able to help me get these alloy wheels on my car. Thank you in advance.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums baz5000 :)

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