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  1. Evening all, Looking for your help to identify what size front break disc's are fitted to my car (2013 mk3 1.6tdci 115ps focus Titanium nav)? I'm unable to find anything to confirm if they are 300 or 278mm. As always any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Just look for the fuse that supplys your media system/sync. This should be detailed in your manual
  3. Adam try pulling fuse No 67 (7.5amp) it fixed similar problems for me despite trying everything else mentioned first.
  4. I use the Ford roof bars fitted with Thule 591's. I really wanted a rear carrier but found most of them will damage the rear spoiler.
  5. Hi Liam, I find mine ok especially when used in conjunction with the feature that shows you directions next to the rev counter.
  6. Costco diesel then add can of BG244 twice a year.
  7. Hi Shaun, I have the same car as you and get around the same mpg as you mentioned. I'd try air/fuel filter change as mentioned by others. Also put a can of BG244 (sell it at kick for, £20) in the tank the next time you fill up. I've tried redex & wynns before but never noticed any difference. BG244 on the other hand definitely improved my mpg & made engine run smoother so I use it twice a year. Ford were ambitious with the 60+mpg quotes for the MK3 I think. Mind having said that I once got 61.4mpg from Newcastle to Inverness with a full car (4 persons, dog & boot full to window).
  8. Hello & welcome Steve. I've very recently had issues with my Sat nav/media system (focus), after trying a master re-sets and getting £85+vat quotes off the dealer I decided to pull the fuse. After removing the fuse, waiting 10sec then replacing everything started working as it should. I don't know if this will resolve your issue but I would give it a try before going to the dealers.
  9. Managed to sort these issues by pulling fuse No 67 (7.5amp), everything now working as it should/was. :-)
  10. I run Nokian Weatherproof & have over the last 2 years. Just put another full set of these on yesterday - low road noise, mpg as good as the Pirelli conti I had originally & grip in the wet is good. I when I first got them I wasn't sure how they would perform in the summer (being all season) but I was impressed. Once the white stuff starts falling there in a league of there own!
  11. Hi all, As always any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a 2013 titanium navigator fitted with the Sony head unit & Sync 1.0. Up until yesterday I've had no problems using my current mobile (Samsung galaxy S7) or previous mobiles. I now get/have rhe following problems - 1. Sync warning that says "Ford emergency assistance is no longer available, please contact your service centre" 2. Unable to call individuals via voice commands. 3. Unable to play specific tracks from USB via voice commands. My mobile setup & settings have not changed (including any software/app updates). I've also carried out Sync master re-set, deleted/re-paired my mobile, deleted & re-installed my phonebook. I can also confirm there's been no events (flat battery/other electronic issues) prior to this problem starting. Local stealers want £85 + vat just for diagnostic! Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance
  12. Try adding a can of BG244 (kwickfit sell it, £20) to your next tank of fuel. It was recommended to me by others on this forum & it honestly helps clear the system, I noticed an improvement within first 50 miles of using it. Other than that try changing fuel/air filters if not been replaced in a while - might be clogged up.
  13. Hi all, Looking for some advice, trying to find out if I can tow trailer with my mk3 focus? I have a 63 plate 1.6tdci (115bhp) titanium nav hatchback, looking to tow one of the small erde/maypole type trailers that have capacity of about 350kg max. I have looked in user manual and this has conflicting info, my car is not a ecotec. Thanks in advance
  14. I'd go back to 205 tyres, I replaced all my 215/55/16's on my focus back in September & remember there was a fair difference in price (more expensive) compared to 205/55/16. Also found that more options in brand with 205 opposed to 215.