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  1. After market head unit

    What facia and cage do i need to fit the stereo? i have been looking on ebay to find the correct one but I'm unsure. any ideas or links to the one i need guys. correct me if i am wrong but i will need a facia surround and a cage for the head unit to sit in thanks
  2. After market head unit

    Did you fit another double din or just a standard one
  3. After market head unit

    What exact one did you buy ? Aid all working ok
  4. After market head unit

    Good evening i have purchased an after market head unit and believe I will need to buy a harness to be able to connect it so I need a separate harness for the stalk controls ? Please help
  5. Stereo Code

    This is for the stereo it's one of two Sony ones
  6. Stereo Code

    Fuse blew sorry on my phone
  7. Stereo Code

    Dues blew on my fusion and I don't have the code Any one know how I can get hold of this
  8. Foot Well Lights

    hi guys i have seen many posts stating that some fords come with these wired in already and just waiting for a bulb. i take it this does not apply to the fusions. has any one put there own in? if so how did you go about it and do you have some pics thanks
  9. Wont Start

    sorry for the late reply, yes this has been sorted all is up and running with no issues
  10. Wont Start

    ok guys will do
  11. Wont Start

    yes it has there is part of one side of the sensor missing
  12. Wont Start

    thanks, i removed the sensor and it is dead. I will replace this tonight i checked out what i was told about the sensor being loose and he was correct. the bolt was fully tight but there was a couple of mm of play I will take a closer look at this later on, it is almost as if it has the wrong bolt for it, one that is too long
  13. Wont Start

    So the result of the call out today was that the crank sensor was hanging out the guy who had a look said he tried to tighten this but was un able to i was not there when he was looking at the car so i am not sure where the location of this is any advise please guys
  14. Wont Start

    thanks for the reply Certainly worth a look I have an auto electrician coming out today thank you for the reply i will let you know what they say
  15. Wont Start

    Yes the AA man plugged his computer into the car and it found no faults or errors. also tried one i have purchased and the same results. He went through a massive amount of checks and narrowed it down to the coil pack not getting power