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  1. Cheeky Daz

    Ipod Classic

    Hi guys my girlfriend has a classic (not sure which gen though) and that had the same problem. My fix was simply to reset the iPod. Hold down the centre button and push up on the circle together for about 5 seconds. At this point you'll get the apple logo appear on the screen. Leave it alone then and it will reset itself. As soon as you get the normal menus back up give it a try. It worked for my girlfriends classic and I have to do it with my 3rd gen nano sometimes as well.
  2. Cheeky Daz

    Paint Peeling inside wheel arch!

    I thought I'd add some more pics to this problem so people can keep their eyes on their fiestas (just in case). The problem area:- The resulting large flakes of paint:-
  3. Cheeky Daz

    1st Damage

    As it's a motability car I didn't have to pay a penny, but the chap left the advice note with me and the price of the job is sitting in the bottom corner. I wonder if the bill gets boosted up when an insurance company are paying.
  4. Cheeky Daz

    1st Damage

    Had the screen replaced yesterday by Autoglass. I'm glad the insurance paid this one as the bill was £1064.
  5. Cheeky Daz

    Paint Peeling inside wheel arch!

    Agreed. This is not simple stone chips the paint is actually falling off in large flakes. My main concern with it is that this moves round to the front of the bumper where it will be openly visible.
  6. Cheeky Daz

    Paint Peeling inside wheel arch!

    Snap - exactly the same has happened to my car. Exactly the same place. The paint has fallen off in big chunks. I have taken my car back to my dealer whom told me there is nothing they can do as they don't have a bodyshop. They advised me that it was a warranty claim so I would need to go to an authorised Ford main dealer (with a bodyshop). So I trotted off to Bristol Street Motors in Stafford who took photos of the area and filled out a form and then told me that as soon as Ford gave the go ahead that they would call me to book it in. This all sounds good and proper until you find out that the problem first occured 1 week after I took delivery of my car and I have been waiting for the "call" ever since. I took delivery of my car on 4th July so it's 2 months and counting. I have phoned Bristol street on several occassions and just been told that Ford don't rush themselves and that I will simply have to wait longer.
  7. Cheeky Daz

    1st Damage

    Yes very true, they are coming out to my work next tuesday to do it. It still annoys me though because at the end of the day somebody still has to foot the bill for the new screen. If I ever caught either of my 2 lads doing something like that i think i'd chop fingers off lol
  8. Cheeky Daz

    1st Damage

    I suppose it had to happen at some point but it's always sad when you receive your first bit of damage to your car. I was sat outside my eldest son's school waiting for him to come out today and a minute or 2 after the kids starting rolling out there was an almighty bang. I had just caught sight of a brick coming hurtling over the fence of the school straight into the windscreen of my car just to the side of the rain sensor. It has put a 12inch crack in the screen which now needs replacing. I went straight into the school to report it and they were very understanding and have promised me they will be checking the CCTV to see if they can identify the little !Removed! GRRRR
  9. Cheeky Daz

    What's yours called?

    mines called uncle festa
  10. Cheeky Daz

    O/T If you had the money...

    My dream car an Ariel Atom. The full turbocharged version will race anything away from the lights and win. Ok doesn't have the top end but who travels at 200mph. Oh and it's a fraction of the cost of a supercar at about £35k
  11. Cheeky Daz

    Swirl Marks

    I've had no problems with my squeeze fezzy. The colour doesn't seem to suffer with any of the problems mentioned above. I did used to have a Panther black focus though and had everything described above. I never had sound advice though and therefore never solved any of the problems.
  12. Cheeky Daz

    Voice Commands

    If you mean how do you pair up the iphone and the car then in the phone menu of the car is the option to add a phone. Click on that and then the car searches for devices. Once it's found your phone it gives you a code to enter on your phone. By this time your iphone will be displaying the fact that the fiesta is trying to talk to it and you should enter the said code. once you've done this, providing you leave bluetooth on on your phone then everytime you get in they pair up straight away without any intervention from you. Simple.
  13. Cheeky Daz

    Voice Commands

    No you don't have to touch your phone once it is paired up to the car. The name storing is all done with the car as follows:- You say - "Store Name" Fiesta - "Name please" You - "Bob" (for example) Fiesta - "Repeat Name" (or something like that, i can't quite remember) You - "Bob" Fiesta - "Storing" Fiesta - "number please" You - "01234 567890 store" Fiesta - "number stored" I have an iphone and it works perfectly. The above sequence may not be 100% the correct terms used but it's very close to that.
  14. Cheeky Daz

    Voice Commands

    As for general use of the voice commands I have to say the phone commands get used everyday. I also make a lot of use of the "demisting on" command when I first get in and it's all steamed up. My friends play the random track game with my iPod where we take it in turns to choose a track number and then we have to listen to whatever the track may be. For this reason I have put a load of cheesy tracks on lol.
  15. Cheeky Daz

    Voice Commands

    just give each one a different name. For example with my folks I use "parents" for their home line and "mum" or "dad" for their mobiles.