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  1. RT @SkySportsNewsHQ: BREAKING NEWS: Former Ireland captain Paul O'Connell retires from rugby on medical advice #SSNHQ https://t.co/czFUKgr0…

  2. The fab Teacher Gifts! These went down a storm! X https://t.co/g38AKZm22k

  3. Nice lunch time refreshing drink https://t.co/7p7kMb4Aon

  4. Time to watch some bikes #NorthWest200

  5. Trasit Connect Clutch

    Cheers mate, thank you Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. I have a 2003 connect the clutch doesn't slip and the pedal feels ok but it doesn't seem to fully engage is it a cable that can be adjusted Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. RT @CWStalker9: Just lining up some of the second hand bikes ready for the Grand Opening of @CWKawasaki this weekend 25/26th 10-4 😃👍 http:/…

  8. Saying Hi From Antrim :)

    Welcome for Dover
  9. New Ford Fleet Driver

    Hi ☺
  10. Oil On A 2003 Connect

    Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Hi I have just done my first ever service and was wondering how much oil it will take I have put 4lts in and nothing on the dip stick yet ? Any help would be great Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC