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  1. Just trying to plan for upcoming service and MOT for a 64 plate Fiesta Ecoboost PS 1.0 Titanium X any input appreciated. Jamie
  2. OUTCOME Strange scenario. Local dealer said a 2018 map SDcard I could buy from them would work. Given that erroneously I had done a master reset (well I did it on purpose but it resulted in more trouble). I could not pair my iPhone to get emergency assist back up and running. So I went to the dealers guy stuck the card in and no SDCard error but nothing else happened at all. Guy pairs his Samsung instantly, other guy can't pair his iPhone [i'm saying I read in the manual says a USB cable is required for an iPhone) [with hindsight the manual is wrong you don't need a USB cable to pair or for that matter to play Spotify tracks through Bluetooth sync] Switched to Nav SDCard error just as before. Guy with iPhone said he knew what it was and that I shouldn't laugh. He went off to get some tools and disconnected the positive terminal of battery... reconnected after a minute or 2 and both iPhones paired immediately. Select NAV and a software update began and when finished I was good to go. The guy just said the original Sync can just get screwed sometimes and rather than mess with it the positive terminal removal usually did the trick - thought this experience would be worth sharing - may help someone in future.
  3. V Type?? Surely his Ford Western Europe V7 card should work in mine then if it works in his....?
  4. I've read on here that the map SD cards have a card CID check and so cloning a card doesn't work unless the card CID is also cloned. My Fiesta's card is version 4.1 so I borrowed a neighbour's Western Europe SD Sat Nav (V7) to see if it would work and show me some locations my version doesn't know about but I get a Data Error trying to read his card. My question is:- Is there a linked relationship between the card and the satnav unit itself? If I bought the latest maps (V8) from my Ford dealer how would that link (if any) be established?
  5. This is from one of a corporate group (Foray) so all their others might be the same. Over 400 squids ! At Taunton Ford, your MOT will cost £54.85 inc VAT. A Third Scheduled Service for your vehicle does include spark plugs and oil changes, and the price of that service comes to £362.10 inc VAT. —————————— A different Ford Dealer... 3yr service £265 inc VAT and 12mths FREE Roadside Assistance MOT £30
  6. I've tried different browsers but can't get this to work... Can't select any dealer so just had to look at their details and email my requests for an email quote
  7. I’ll wait for the other quotes to come in then pop to my local garage. By the way I’ve been relying on the Ford Breakdown Assist cover which comes included in these quoted prices....
  8. First quote.... MOT £45. THIRD SERVICE (including oil & oil filter, air filter, odour filter, spark plugs) £281.76 inc vat. Total cost £326.76 inc vat. Please let us know if you would like to make a booking, courtesy cars are also available free of charge.
  9. Why is it several tyre places think I have different sized tyres? Mine are 195/50 R16 84V ??
  10. Thanks for your great feedback folks much appreciated. Nice to have the extras like the oil type, plugs in quote and pressure about replacing tyres etc. The tyres are at 3mm it’s just the front ones the rears are fine. I definitely won’t be buying tyres from the dealer try as they might ;-) Further question on tyre make. It has Continental 195/50 R16 84V. I find they produce quite a bit of road noise. Would you advise just sticking with these or suggest a different make.
  11. Trying to get an idea of what this should cost. Car has done 24K. Also are there any likely wear candidates I should consider e.g. brake pads etc. front tyres are getting close to the limit but I guess best not let the service garage near them? Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 Auto Titanium X Nov 2014
  12. I agree Pete. Booking it in tomorrow Thanks for responding
  13. Thanks for that Pete the bit that caught my eye was £54 for oil ...