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  1. mk3 model config query

    Next question then i guess is how difficult is it to convert the drums to discs? Or will upgrading the fronts to drilled suffice? as ive tinkered with the car and its now pushing close to 170bhp (estimate) and slowing down from “some miles per hour” can be a squeaky bum moment at times.
  2. mk3 model config query

    my mk3 focus zetec 1.0 ecoboost 125 has drum brakes at the rear, however every site that I go to and put the reg plate in is telling me I should have discs. Anyone else have this configuration on their 1.0 125 EB zetec or has my car been built by a plum?
  3. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    I want to show that ive given them enough time to look for what they need to so that way if i have to go down the legal route they cant say i didnt give them time. on a side note, whilst loooking into this i popped the details of the car into the ETIS site and it has a recall for the degas hose, do i have to take the car back to evasn halshaw for that or can any ford dealer sort it as I have a much better ford dealership (DAYS) nearby who we get the wifes new cars from (options)?
  4. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    UPDATE: Sent a followup email after 2 weeks of no news, asking if i had to go to his superior and trading standards to get a resolution. Within 10 mins had a reply demanding proof that the car was advertised with FSH (lol) so replied with the following.... "Hi Mike, That would be impossible for me to do so, I have the original invoice and receipt however it doesn’t include the service details of the car, as no receipt for any car I’ve ever bought would include. I also don’t have the original advert from the website as I didn’t foresee me needing to have proof of what the advert said later down the line, also the link to the car on the website ceased to work the day after I bought it, so unless the advert is still saved on your systems somewhere, I would think that is also gone. All I have, as stated previously is Tyrone’s unrecorded promise that the service book would be posted to me as it was not with the car when purchased, and an email from him to Wigan requesting said documents with "car advertised with Full Service History" in the heading. Was the car an Evans Halshaw car from new? If so, are you not able to check the system for the service dates and request a reprint with stamps? Im not trying to be a difficult customer, I have had excellent service from Tyrone and would use you again, all I want is the service history of the car for me to know that it’s been looked after and that the mileage is genuine. Should I need to sell the car on at a later date the lack of FSH greatly impacts the value of the car as you know, and all I seek is what I was told I would get, failing that, financial redress for the difference in value between the car with and without an FSH. Thanks and regards," 5 mins later i get a reply "ill ask the Wigan branch to check their systems" I'll give them another 2 weeks then ill speak to Citizens Advice, Trading Standards and also the Law students at Swansea University as they take on pro bono cases to get experience. As always, ill keep you posted with any news. Incidentally this appears to not be an isolated incidednt with them and Evans Halshaw have had this issue multiple times before.
  5. think thats where i got it from ... wikipedia seems to confirm it too lol this is what wiki has to say Engine 1.0 L Ecoboost (2012–) - Gearbox code 6M - power 125 PS (92 kW; 123 bhp) 170 N·m (130 lb·ft) - Top speed 121 Engine 2.0 L Ecoboost - Gearbox code 6M - power 250 PS (184 kW; 247 bhp) 360 N·m (270 lb·ft) - top speed 154 mph so according to the stats there they appear to have the same gearbox (also shared by the 2.0 diesel kuga apparently) hence my post above. I have a friend with a fiesta st180 so will be interesting to get the codes to compare
  6. aah fair enough.. see, just goes to show that not all you read onthe internet is true!!
  7. thankfully as i have the 125bhp model, I've got the 6 speed box in mine which was built for the ST/RS so the gearbox and clutch are over engineered for the car so should (in theory) handle whatever i chuck at it.
  8. Just had a bluefin on mine (mk3 1.0 125bhp), box states a 31bhp inc which would be 156bhp, i also have a k&n box filter (didnt want the induction kit as they tend to sound *****) the car goes like stink. id thoroughly reccomend the bluefin, mine was £310 from peregrine tuning. body and alloys wise ive left mine standard as i like the understated "sleeper" look. The wife has a 100ps 5spd ecoboost fiesta and the remapped focus wipes the floor with it wheels wise mine are 17" alloys as standard so you will be fine, just remember that if you go up in size you will need to come down in tyre profile height, also dont go too big as you will mess with the gear ratios of the car.
  9. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    Yes by FSH docs I literally mean the service booklet with the stamps in it to confirm genuine mileage and that the vehicle has been "well" looked after.
  10. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    Hi guys, Looking for a bit of help / advice. I bought my mk3 1.0 ecoboost focus zetec from Evans Halshaw Merthyr in May of this year, the car was shipped from their Wigan Vauxhall branch with the "move closer to me" option. The car was advertised with full service history 18k miles and a price tag of £8795, when i picked up the car I was assured that the service documents would be forwarded to me. We are now in September and I have still not received said documents. I have had several conversations both telephone and e-mail (resorted to the latter for documentaion purposes) over the last 2 months but had still not received anything, in the last email I sent them (to the sales person who sold me the car and the branch manager) I said that I would have to received the full service history that the car was advertised with or a refund of £1750 (20% of the vehicles value to cover the missing documents - various sources pin the value of an FSH somewhere between 15-25% so i hit the middle). They replied asking for time to look into it, this was 7.9.2017, I sent a follow up email 14.9.2017 asking for an update (figuring a week was more than sufficent time to look into it) but they appear to have gone dark with no replies from them. Would the next step be to seek legal advice and take legal action or something else? I've never had this issue before so have no experience to go on, any of you had the same / similar issues? Many thanks in advance.
  11. 1.0 ecoboost 125 problem please help

    had a bluefin remap on my car for the last few weeks and i agree that the car can run a tad lumpy in 4th, 5th and 6th when "flooring it" at low rpm, drop it down a cog and that clears, now run on 99 octane tesco momentum fuel and no issues at all, the car is a fkin flyer! hope you get your issues resolved, if you do find the cause, please pop it up here so we can all look out for the same on our wagons.
  12. Update. K&N replacement box filter fitted (didnt want an induction kit as they sound horrific) and Bluefin Remap acquired... #### me its quick now! honestly pulls faster than my 2.0 163bhp diesel mondeo did. 2nd gear pulls like its in 1st right up to 60, 3rd gear pulls like 2nd gear up to 80 its amazing the difference the remap makes. had the bluefin from Peregrine Tuning in mid Wales, I'd reccomend them to anyone. Turbosmart Dual port BOV next and then perhaps a S/S longlife exhaust (wife's permission pending )
  13. 1.0 ecoboost 125 problem please help

    Mine runs fine, never experienced your issues (watch me start having said issues after posting that 😂) take it back to ford/the garage where you bought it from... but as mentioned above, uninstall the bluefin first as they will likely blame that and void your warranty.
  14. aaah, didnt realise the titanium had that gearknob, i thought with the light up knob, led lights and what not that you were having a little joke. Apologies good sir!
  15. They are rated for alot higher bhp than they produce standard, ford themselves have had circa 240bhp out of one in the factory, I have read that the gearbox and clutch are used in the ST so are overengineered for the 1.0. And due to the cast iron materials used, the engine in theory should (SHOULD) be "bombproof" and more than capable of handling the power step up, A Pumaspeed staff member has a 1.0 fiesta running 205bhp comfortably. think it was featured in a mag recently and dubbbed the tiny titan? EDIT: found the link http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/viewadvice.jsp?newsID=111