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  1. ETIS access?

    Bilbob thanks for this. Just had a look at my car on ETIS. It used to show the build date and complete build specification but it all seems to have disappeared - disappointing, it was a good reference.
  2. LED headlamps

    Go for LEDs. The dipped beam on my 2015 Fiesta is abysmal. Sometimes it is hard to detect if they are actually on, the worst car lights I've had for a long time.
  3. Wheel Alignment

    Get the alignment checked on a rig that checks the alignment of all four wheels. The steering wheel should be centred before the test begins, they often have a device they jam between the steering wheel and the seat to make sure it does't move during the alignment process.
  4. Powershift box and 1.0ecoboost Engine

    In the brochure for my Mk7.5 the auto is listed as Powershift. In the Mk 8 brochure it just states Automatic. Comparing the fuel consumption of the Mk 8 1.0 Ecoboost manual against the Automatic the auto is a lot less economical, but there is little difference consumptions for the Mk7.5. So I would guess they have reverted to a torque converter box. Some years ago I had a drive in a 1.4 Fiesta torque converter auto gearbox and it was nice to drive, but you have to accept that it consumes more fuel.
  5. Focus 2013 ecoboost flat battery

    I've only just read this thread and not being electrically minded so there is nothing I can add to the technical discussion. But I seem to remember that Ford had a big problem with Focus batteries going flat about 2013 and they couldn't resolve the issue at that time. The only advice they could give to get around the problem was to never switch the radio off, if you didn't want it on turn the volume to zero instead of turning it off.
  6. Water leak

    Try this: http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/head-gasket-exhaust-repairs/holts-radweld-plus-250ml
  7. Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Search this site for powershift problems. As far as I am aware early powershift boxes were prone to judder and required clutches to be changed. This problem was caused by a faulty oil seal and was rectified by ford. I have had a powershift from new in march 2015 and have not had any problems, after one or two jerky changes when new it now changes gear very smoothly, almost imperceptible at times, and is a joy to drive. However if a newer model is outside your price range look for an older 1.4 with the torque converter type gearbox.
  8. Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Don't buy a 1.6 Fiesta with one of the early powershift gearboxes, the seem to be very troublesome. By 2015 they seem to have got the problems sorted along with the ecoboost engine. The older 1.4 Fiesta with the torque converter type gearbox was nice to drive, if you can find one in good condition it will be well within your budget and could be the one to go for.
  9. Projector headlights

    I have the projector headlights in my Fiesta and while main beam is OK dipped beam is abysmal. I don't know why the call them projector headlights because on dip they don't seem to project any light onto the road.
  10. AC only works on high

    Does your blower work on settings 1,2,3 and 4 and the AC only works on position 4? or is your blower not operating on any setting except 4? If its the latter then it most likely is the blower resistor, a common fault.
  11. Windscreen wiper problems

    I would hesitate to scrub the windscreen with wire wool, sounds a bit drastic to me. One thing you haven't tried is Cerium Oxide paste. You can get it on Amazon, read the reviews.
  12. Windscreen wiper problems

    Toothpaste is very slightly abrasive and I saw an improvement in my wiper judder problem after using it, you don't need to use much. Then it was virtually eliminated when I cleaned the whole windscreen with Cerium Oxide that I bought off Amazon. Now I just give the screen an occasional polish with Auto Glym Glass Polish to remove any traffic film and keep it clean..
  13. Windscreen wiper problems

    To remove Rain-X you may need to clean your screen with Cerium Oxide, however try this first: clean the windscreen with toothpaste using a bit of elbow grease and wash off. When the screen is dry apply Auto Glym Glass polish. I am sure this will help to reduce the juddering providing the problem is not with the wiper alignment.
  14. Automatic advice

    Don't bother with manual override. Just put it in 'Drive' and leave gear selection to the car.
  15. Registration date

    I had the same when I bought my fiesta in 2015 from a large dealership in Plymouth. They registered it on 31st March as they had all the details but the vehicle was actually in the pound at Bristol awaiting transportation because, they said, it is a busy time of year for new cars. I finally picked it up at the end of April. When I complained they said it was normal industry practice.