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  1. Dennis the meance

    handbrake problem

    sometimes handbrake comes right to end of travel othertimes just four or five clicks and its perfect my focus 1.8tdci is on rear discs
  2. Dennis the meance

    free obd/elm 327 software

    ive got the tunnelrat elm adaptor for my focus using it with forscan no probs trying to help neighbour out on a jag s type just wondering what programs are out there to use with this adaptor on his car
  3. Dennis the meance

    Fish aquariums

    got aqua smart 90l here looking at 190l jewel triango corner tank next month no real plants only fake here got some neon,mollies guppies and a pleco
  4. Dennis the meance

    1.8tdci jerking at 1800rpm

    thanks for all the pointers ive no codes stored when i scanned it it is due a service ill service in next couple weeks and see if it helps or cures it tdci-Peter ive run forscan monitoring cylinder balance and number 2 and 4 are same reading number 1,4 are a higher reading 2,4 are 0.890 at idle 1 is 1.1 and 4 is 1.209
  5. Dennis the meance

    1.8tdci jerking at 1800rpm

    hi read various post on here regarding this prob and it normally point to injectors and the dreaded Siemens dodgy injectors rather sort myself rather than pay garage prices are there any readings i can do with forscan/elm config to see if it indicates the problem injector/injectors
  6. Dennis the meance

    steering column uj joint

  7. Dennis the meance

    steering column uj joint

    hi does anybody know if the uj joint is available on its own or only as complete column got slight play in joint focus 2009
  8. Dennis the meance

    steering clunk

    after some advice when i rock steering wheel im getting i slight clunk sound cant find any play in track rod ends its had both bottom suspension arms replaced as bushes were worn any other common places to check car drives ok and tyre wear is ok it sounds like it at bottom of steering column area
  9. Dennis the meance

    Twin exhaust system

    not remapped yet mate
  10. Dennis the meance

    1.8tdci temp prob?

    didnt think they all had aux heater cant understand why sometimes it drops temp even if been driving 1hr drops from 90c down to 60-70 then reads 90c again
  11. Dennis the meance

    1.8tdci temp prob?

    temp gauge seems to take ages to get to running temp of 90c but heaters are red hot even when temp gauge is 60-70c doesnt show 90c until ive done nearly 12-13miles and sometimes it swings form 90 to 70 for couple secs the reaches 90c and stays stable and then maybe 20mins again does it again ?any ideas guys
  12. Dennis the meance

    Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    been looking myself mate no joy yet all non e approved
  13. Dennis the meance

    Sudden Drop in MPG

    worse here aswell only seeing 49mpg on a 28 mile round trip to work mines a 1.8tdci thats at 65-70mph
  14. Dennis the meance

    Twin exhaust system
  15. Dennis the meance

    best make glowplugs

    hi who makes fords glowplugs or whats best make to fit anything below 5c start ups are lumpy so guessing glowplugs this is for my 2009 1.8tdci focus thanks jason