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  1. Happy Birthday zetecpete!

  2. Autocars Price Estimate On New St !

    Just an update,Ford have confirmed release of the new St at geneva !
  3. Blimey! Price estimate from them is £19,850! Release for June,Geneva show will have the answers i hope! What do you think guys?
  4. Had this problem for a little while now,but only now and then,58 plate 23,000 miles. On changing into fourth the engagment is notchy/ratchety,i have mentioned it to my local dealer, team leader has taken it up with ford, usual reply not aware of any issues! About to book it in,interestingly another owner has the same issue,again ford have rejected any interest! Team Leader himself now wants the car so he can drive and experience the problem himself(could be a while until it happens again !) Anyone one with similar concerns/and any action updates?
  5. Fiesta St (Concept) Announced!

    Just having a flick through autocar,their forthcoming release section now shows facelift only for the fiesta, the st announcment for 2012 has now gone?
  6. Fiesta St (Concept) Announced!

    When will the st be on sale, will it suffice for next september?
  7. Bonnet Catch Problem

    Went down to my local ford garage,they initially struggled,due to going away tommorrow were going to pirate a bonnet catch from another car, anyway a mechanic lubed up the catch and now ok,think i will still get a new catch under warranty before it lapses end october. Thanks for guidance guys.
  8. Bonnet Catch Problem

    Pardon the expression iv'e greased everthing!?
  9. Bonnet Catch Problem

    Just checking my washer fluids etc for going away on sunday, bonnet will not shut flush,it shuts on the first notch ok but not fully,HELP!
  10. Caravan Tax/ And Mot

    Just wondering if this would be beneficial,first for safety,added revenue to improve our roads/Thoughts?
  11. Tyres For Mk7 Zetec-S

    Done 3,000 on mohawks made by yokohama,great tyre.
  12. What Is The Zs Like ? Comments Please

    Had my zs for 2years now,notched up 16,500 miles,just changed my front tyres from bridgstone to mohawks(made by yokohama!)great in the snow. Just had drls fitted under headlights,wired to a remote key pad,so separate from side lights etc.Overall great car,would i buy again-YES!
  13. Which Tyre?

    Just got some data myself and ? parada's on wet roads.? uniroyal rain sport 2's.
  14. Which Tyre?

    My two front tyres need replacing,current are Bridgestone 205/40/17 from new(15,500)kwik fit are running promo'buy one get one half price,or go for a winter tyre? Mohawks have been mentioned (made by yokohama).Budget is around £80.00 each fitted.