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  1. I can understand that with short journeys the battery may not have the boost for the SS to work but quite regularly I take a trip to Exeter which is a 20mile trip at average 45-50mph and it is still intermittent even with power draining items off.
  2. I had a 2011 Focus with Stop start that only seemed to work as & when it wanted to. I discovered that the AC comes on for any excuse like recycling the ignition, touching any controls of the heater, blower & screen heater. I found that if the AC is on, then there is no chance of the stop/start working. I also found that it would never work unless I had moved at more than say 25-30mph. Even then it would only sometimes work. I presumed that there was a problem with it & had to accept it. I have recently upgraded to a 2016 Focus that has the same issues, but this one works even less regularly than the other, although with this one I do get an icon come up where it would normally be green (if working), it has a pale white stop/start icon with a line through it. Are these systems completely ***** or am I missing something?
  3. Hi, I just upgraded to a 2016 focus estate. unfortunately it seems to be the budget version or something as it has roll down rear windows, non folding mirrors & no parking sensors. I see on ebay that there are rear parking sensors with loom & module. Is this just a plug & play or is more kit needed? The car does have the large touch screen so if the sensors & module are fitted, will the parking thing appear on screen or do I need a different screen? Also, is the wiring already fitted to the car that the sensor loom & module plug into?
  4. Where is the switch for the cargo area lights please? I have found the squash button in the side door but cannot work out where the switch is on the rear doors on a 2016 Transit Custom. The reason I ned to know , is that when working, the doors can be left open most of the day so I need for the lights not to drain the battery.
  5. I have a 2016 Transit Custom with standard alloy wheels, and I would quite like to fit a larger wheel size. Will I have to get the computer re-calibrated in order to keep it all accurate?
  6. Anyone know the part number for the steering rack on a Focus 2011 mk3 TDCI 1.6? Or better still. know where I can get access to a parts catalogue? Is the diesel rack the same as the petrol one? & yew its the electric type.
  7. It only started making the noise after it had been parked up for several weeks. Is it the same rack as the petrol versions? There are some on EBay but they don't give this info? If not, does anyone have a part number please?
  8. Hi, My Focus has developed a horrible sand papery metal to metal rubbing noise when I turn the steering. I have not yet had time to fully investigate so I was hoping someone here would have a good clue as to what the problem could be so I can save time & get straight to the problem. The first thig I thought was fluid but there appears to be no fluid bottle on the car & I cant find it in the book. 2011 Focus Mk3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi, I have just bought a Transit Custom Limited that does not have Satnav or a rear view camera. Does anyone know if the wiring is likely to be in place and its just a case of plug & play? If so,wher is a good place to obtain the hardware, EBay maybe? I have looked but can find nothing. Maybe asking the wrong question. Please advise.
  10. I recently changed the fuel filter in my 2011 Focus TDCI only to find all this sandy stuff in the bottom of the filter housing. How does it get there?? I would have thought that even if someone had tried to sabotage it by sanding the tank, then the filter should have caught it.
  11. Turns out it was 4 faulty injectors. Not sure how 4 injectors have died after only 55000 miles but maybe it had something to do with this. Found this sand like stuff in the bottom of the Fuel filter container when I changed the filter. How the hell does something like this get there??
  12. How do I test & clean the EGR on a late 2012 Focus 1.6 TDCI please?
  13. So yesterday I put a new injector into pot 3. the reason being is that the guy I bought it off said that his Ford dealer said that injector 2 was a problem. so the reason I picked 3 was because he had the codes written down from 1-4 but they were numbered 1 from the timing end (strange!!). However, after having done this, it started first time. A bit lumpy but first time & quickly settled into a smooth idle. after having coded & re-learned them, I took it for a spin (it was smoking a lot). I gave it some welly after it was warm (even more smoke than usual) & I got a yellow engine light, a warning stating engine problem service immediately & it went into limp mode. I pulled over, recycled the ignition then the light was gone & it drove home normally. when there I scanned & got these codes: 10-8-18.pdf I cleared the codes & then left it alone. This morning it wont start as per usual. It seems it is now worse off since the injector change.
  14. OK thanks for the reply's. Do these data graphs that were taken from just after cold start, to up to temp with a drive around town. Does this shed any light on what has just been stated? Here are the data readings