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  1. Hi John being 6 ft 2 i,d say the fiesta would be a little small for you sorry. I,m 5ft 10 and its a little cramped for me. Saying that its only me and my mrs and sometimes the grandaughter comes out in the car with us. I,d say this though its a far better ride in this than in the c max. I know the c max has got lots of room and its a brillient family car but the 1.6 tdci i,d recomend anyone to stay away from. I had so much trouble with it and i,ve had quite a few diesel cars but these modern diesel engines are so tempremental and can get so much wrong with them that i,m going to stay away from diesels in the future. Maybe you should look at a focus.
  2. I,ve got the 80 bph version. Maybe its because I,ve been used to driving a car with a turbo on it for so long. It just seems a little flat In 3rd then when I change up a gear to 4th I get that surge of power up and past 40 to 50 mph. should I put a bit of redex in it perhaps?
  3. Well i finally bit the bullet and got rid of my c max 1.6 tdci and down sized to the the fiesta style + 1.25 petrol.After all the trouble i had with the c max and the money i paid out on it, it had to go mainly because I got frightened to drive it in the end plus all the horror stories of DPF fails and turbo fails. It ran like a dead dog most of the time. anyway I picked up my style + plus today and after driving it home, immediately fell in love with it. Its so much fun. My question is do you really have to drive it that hard in 3rd and 4th gear because it seemed a little flat to me until you get up to 50mph+ and you then get a little bit of a surge. Is this normal ?
  4. Hi mate someone said about the breather pipe from the rocker cover to the main air intake. I've checked mine and it doesn't feel that secure plus I changed the air filter on the weekend and there was oil in and around the MAF and air filter and again someone said it could be coming from this breather pipe. I had a few issues after changing the air filter with it being hesitant and rough idle so I sprayed the MAF with electrical cleaner and it runs a lot better. Going to change the breather pipe next pay day see if that solves the fumes in the car when stationery....will try to let you know how I get on with it..hope that helps.
  5. My No 3 injector failed when I had an injector test done. I,ve had that changed now and my EGR blanked off and the smell of fumes has gone when in motion its just when I,m stationery now or stopped at junctions.
  6. Hi guys having major issues with my c max 1.6 tdci. I,ve had variuos things done to it to cure whats going on but I read that it could be the CPS. It stalls, runs rough at idle and cuts out at junctions. My problem is where is the camshaft position sensor on the car ? is it easy to get too and change ?
  7. Took the car to the garage and he took the EGR valve off and cleaned it (quite pitted up he said). He then blanked it off to see how it would run and he said he ran it around with no hesitation, no idling problems, no starting problems and no stalling. Hope this has done the trick but I am dubious as I've tried a few things thinking that it works and it does for a while only for it to go back to how it was and sometimes worse.....time will tell I suppose.
  8. EGR unplugging didn't work anyway, it still had a bit of rough idle but then settled down after a while and ran better up until the part when I Had to call out the AA again yesterday because it wouldn't start again. AA man plugged it in no codes, I cleared the egr code after I plugged it back in, so he sprayed easy start up the air pipe and it started straight away. He seems to think its a fuel issue ????? in the garage now.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I,m going to attempt to unplug the EGR valve today to see if it makes a difference. If it does can I run my car with the EGR unplugged for a while ? will it damage anything ?
  10. Ok here i go again. Problems with the car = poor running, erratic idleing, stalls at junctions and roundabouts but it has stalled at normal speed aswell, after stalling the car wont start untill you leave it cool down a bit. Had the AA out because it stalled on a roundabout and they recommended a new MAF and diesel filter as these faults came up at the time so I had them fitted a month ago and it ran ok for a month but now problems have started again. Had it plugged in at my local garage today and the following codes came up; P0234- engine over boost condition-below minimum threshold. P2459- Diesel particulate filter regen frequency-above max threshold. P0113- intake air temp circuit high input-above max threshold. U1900- CAN comms bus fault-receive error U261B-improper program termination B2976- aux heater line failure. Sorry its a bit long winded but all these faults were re set and a manual DPF re gen was performed and the DPF fault then dis appeared, for now. When I pulled out of the garage it was still idling erratically so I'm not sure if its solved the problem. Has anyone had the same sort of issues? Also the tech noticed that there was exhaust fumes coming out of the turbo area when the car was being revved at around 3500rpm and I told him I could smell fumes in the car when driving and he said there may be a leakage here because of the DPF fault as he had seen this before ????? stumped now I've only had the car 7 months and I'm contemplating changing it already
  11. Just an update. Well the car finally failed on me this week. I,ve been running it with the MAF unplugged for a while and the problems I was getting eased, but Monday I broke down on a roundabout and could,nt get it to start. AA came out and said MAF straight away (which I knew about) and it was showing low fuel pressure so he said get the filter changed because there was no fuel getting to the filter (he had to bleed it to get the car started). Got all those things done on Thursday but i,m still getting intermitant no starting problems when the car is at normal op temp. I read some where on here to change the cam position sensor but I dont want to be changing parts that I dont need to. Nothing showing up on the ECU or no engine lights....any ideas please.
  12. Hi all just an update, thanx for the comment by the way. I went to a diagnostic's place and they plugged it in for me. They said they cleared some faults but the one was their most concern was the DPF. Anyway he said that the DPF was not clogged when he checked it and that he inputted into the ECU that he had fitted a new DPF and said that I should take it for a good run on the motorway once a week to stop the DPF from clogging up. I then had some more advice to run the car for 15 minutes at 3000 revs to burn off what ever is in the DPF. It ran ok for a while after he had plugged it in but now the problem is back...any ideas please....thanx
  13. Hi all seems i,ve got new problems all the time, anyway, my cmax 1.6 tdci has problems starting but not all the time. It took about 5 mins to start this morning and it cut out when I was driving home from work the other day and I had to leave about 10 mins to start it again. I've also noticed that its idling very erratically....any ideas. There's no warning lights and I've plugged a hand held reader in and it hasn't picked up any codes cheers
  14. Hi guys does anyone know how much it costs, about, to blank off the egr valve on a 2007 cmax 1.6 tdci in a garage. I'm thinking of getting this done and I'm not very mechanically minded to do it myself. I was thinking of getting it Terra cleaned but I don't want to pay for that if its going to be false economy.
  15. Sorry would that be a split exhaust breather pipe or something different ?