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  1. At least you now can use it without the charger connected
  2. does it seem like it is holding charge ?
  3. Hi, My general practice for laptop batteries is charge till 100% .. Use it till around 5-10% and then full charge again. Pop a picture of it when you get it 🙂
  4. Ive booked a recall for this month on my fiesta but ford haven't provided me with much information about it. All they have said is that they require the car for 2 days. Has anyone had there's already done ? what is it for ? Thanks in advance
  5. Battery tech hasn't changed much, there getting slimmer and also harder to replace as most are internal. Most of the Lenovo laptop I work have 2 batteries. But the tech inside the laptop have change. meaning they use less energy so the battery life improves. most laptop these days should have at least 4.5 - 6 hours battery life (depending on what your doing on the laptop). Think my Mac has around 6 hours life and charges very quick. It sounds exactly as Micro said above, I think ur battery as 3 cells and 1 or maybe 2 of them have died, so basically your battery can no longer handle the power requirement your laptop needs.
  6. HP and weird just like MACS, the batteries aren't given an time it will take for them to degrade. They are given cycle counts roughly around 300. anywhere between 3-5 years depending on usage. Like i said earlier its personal preference, buying the £10 wont cause any harm, but i wouldn't expect it to last the same amount of time as a genuine HP one. Also these batteries are Li-Ion i wouldn't suggest to fully discharge them if possible, can cause damage to the batteries
  7. Yea, the only racing i play on PS4 is F1.. or GTA sometime to pass the time
  8. "CoolGo" wont be the battery brand, If you look up the part number 593553-001 on Ebay you will find multiple sellers with the same picture selling the same battery.. Normally there will be no brand on them as they are made in bulk in China. Personally i wouldn't buy Chinese batteries but others will have different option. I've found a genuine on eBay £32.50
  9. Might come in handy if you want to put all your photos of your pc to google aswell. 15Gb free and then you can upgrade to 100gb for £1.59 per month Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Not really an easy way to check ... you could open the old and new on the same screen and just have a quick check. So every time you take a photo and connect to WiFi it should back up... easy way to check just take a photo and log onto your google on the laptop to check its there I’m running out of space [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry about the delay So the D drive is a recovery partition - so if there is ever a problem with the OS on the laptop you will be able to enter a hot key on start up and be able to reinstall windows 10 from the D drive.... I normally delete the partition.. In regards to speed I’m guessing your using usb 2.0 not the quickest but I’d suggest to to change your power setting to never turn off and leave it to do the backup. Something for you to maybe look at is buying a cloud drive ( google drive or iCloud Drive) think I pay like 0.79P a month for 50GB automatically backs up all my photos every time i take/upload another one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. On windows 10 you only get 2 options i think which is replace and skip so shouldn’t really create a copy.. try renaming them (removing “copy 2” so it’s the original name and then try to move them over.. C:/user/(username) is basically your home directory (not ur entire C drive) the only reason I’d suggest it is because all ur bookmarks, links, desktop and all ur other document ( picture, music, downloads) so when you get ur new laptop all you do in copy ur main folder into c:/user and save you copying each individual folder Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Clicking will either be the bearing in the fan or the HDD there the only 2 moving parts really in the laptop .. in regards to you coping it all depends on the location of where from and where too whether the file/folder name match up.. To make sure you back up most thing of your laptop id just suggest to back to c:/user/ (username). Might take a while but at least everything in your account is backed up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk