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  1. Ive only used autoglym on all my cars i personally think its the best. ive spent up to £60 on autoglym stuff at ocne but i really like it :D

    hi mate ive had quite alot of experience with the rs turbo side of things, if this was something that i was doing id use the escort engine with the fiesta management system, mfi system for the escort will only stand about 300bhp thats at a big big push too where as the efi fiesta system will stand up to roughly around 350bhp
  3. Word Association Game

  4. Mark 4 fiesta using a lot of oil?

    i have a mk4 to mate ive had 3 and its a very common problem with the mk4's is using fuel, i have to top mine up every weekend, i often drive varily fast tho, if your only plodding along you should be good for at least 2 weeks without toppping up
  5. Best way to get rid of rust?

    Just when you sand mate you want to try and sand the smallest patch possible you want to spray as less as you posssibly can
  6. Tuning question

    Hi mate i also have a 1.25 zetec and im running 98.7 BHP, there arnt really anything things like stuff i got i need more air for so i need and induction kit but you can hear an induction kit then i did few more bit but next problem you wanna get all the fumes etc out quick so thats where an exhaust comes in to play, you could by a ecotech valve which is basically throttle response which is quite good
  7. It´s official

    cant seem to find any but if you can find them this is my car with the black lights. Passed MOT fine
  8. THink the cedar colour is awesome lol
  9. It´s official

    black rear lights mate look on ebay
  10. Best way to get rid of rust?

    that would be the best way mate also have a mk4 fiesta and i had rust the the exactly the same place all i did was tap the rust back with the flat bladed screw driver tiny bit of sand paper sand back so its completly flush rust protector then body filler sand back again bit more filler sand back and spray
  11. Top speed...

    your a numpty mate, you mean privet roads ;)
  12. new car

    17s WILL fit just make sure you have the right tyre sizes so your speedo doesnt change
  13. Driving...

    i was pretty lucky as i went to a car club called under 17s car club that i started when i was 14, so as soon as i turned 17 i didnt even do any lesson just went straight in to test and passed with 5 minors :D but car wise i had 1st - alfa romeo 75 2.0 with throttle bodies ( for the car club ) 2nd - ford fiesta mk4 red 1.25 16v zetec 3rd - ford fiesta mk4 ( what i have now ) 4th - 320bhp magzine escort rs turbo 2.1 zvh 5th - back to the fiesta :D but st conversation coming along well :D
  14. Top speed...

    as above fiesta arnt really built for the top end, with my fiesta although it is modified i have a road near mine crawley way, that basically me and my brother and all his mates try break each others time down it so far ive done 1min 45secs my mate in his lancia can only touch 1min 50 secs hahahaha i love my fiesta
  15. Help me pick new wheels

    first ones all day long mate