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    09 Fiesta zetec 3dr 1.25
  1. Stereo -Volume control

    Hi poohbear,im having the very same problem,had the car for just over a month now and its happened twice.Technology these days why cant they get things right first time?
  2. No Volume!

    Its really weird,when im listening to a cd i can change the track on the steering wheel,but not the volume!
  3. No Volume!

    Hi guys,The volume button on the steering wheel and on the dash stops working sometimes.I can start the car and it works fine,but when i turn the engine off for a short while and then start it again the volume dosen't work,has this happened to anyone else?Many thanks :)
  4. Panther images

    General pics
  5. Gel badge overlays

    They come as a set ( Front & Back )you can order the steering wheel badge for an extra couple of quid.
  6. Gel badge overlays

    The Black and Chrome badges look mint...really happy with them! :D
  7. Roof Mounted Aerial

    I should be getting the Sabre in the next few days,will post a pic when its on!
  8. Interesting facts about yourselves!

    Thanks jma78b,I was just trying to be helpful and make people aware!ur right we dont want the bad guys spoiling our fun :) And no more off topic comments from me!..Ha!Ha!
  9. New Mk7 Zetec-S owner

    Great looking car Flic,like the colour aswell..I think i might get the body kit on mine...it looks mint!! :D
  10. Interesting facts about yourselves!

    Thanks..Just ordered a Long sabre real chrome aerial and black and chrome overlay badges for it. I just dont have much time to keep it clean at the minute!( sorry its of the topic )
  11. Interesting facts about yourselves!

    Yippee!!..im forgiven,i shouldnt of posted that sorry guys.
  12. Interesting facts about yourselves!

    I know im sorry... :(
  13. Interesting facts about yourselves!

    Hi guys, I think this forum is ace and dont get me wrong i think its a great idea introducing yourselves,but some of the information your putting on here is a paradise for identity theft fraudsters! Just be carefull what you put about yourself;Sorry if av put a downer on the topic.
  14. No spare wheel !

    I got a spare wheel, which i was surprised about because i never asked for one :)
  15. Air freshners

    Black ice!! B)