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  1. Hi there, I have a 56 plate mondeo 2.2 ghia x. I need to replace the front springs but will change the whole spring and struts setup. Question is, do I need a spring and strut setup specific to the 2.2 ghia x range ?? Or can I use a 2.0 litre set ?? I've been looking at eBay options and some statements have said "not suitable for lowered, ghia or sport versions, so it got me thinking ??
  2. BugCo22

    Wheel Bearing Has Died

    Oh yeah, 70nm for the bearing bolts lol
  3. BugCo22

    Wheel Bearing Has Died

    Well that went pretty well, all fixed :-) I did manage to round one of the old torx bolts, but a 14mm socket and a hammer solved that one lol. Cheers for all the help :-)
  4. BugCo22

    Wheel Bearing Has Died

    Thanx very much for your replies. I jus checked and already own the female torx, jus off now to get a male set and a new bearing. Then to get my hands dirty lol. Does anyone know the torque settings for doing the new bolts up ??
  5. BugCo22

    Wheel Bearing Has Died

    Cheers, this may cost bit more then expected lol. Stef you say female ?? Is that the "socket or Allen key" type, easy way to describe lol ??
  6. BugCo22

    Wheel Bearing Has Died

    Cool :-) do you no a rough cost from a motor factors ??
  7. BugCo22

    Wheel Bearing Has Died

    Rear one passenger side
  8. Ok anyone changed a wheel bearing before ?? Any guides on how to do it ?? Cheers
  9. Ok that sounds gud. I will take a pic of the housing 2moro of the old starter. It looked too me as if there was minimal crud inside but will post pic. To be fair I called green flag out at the time an the matie beat the hell out of the starter, he prob loosened the crud an killed it lol. But I had suspected it to be prob anyway :-/
  10. Sounding good then :-) I forgot, I took a pic of the fly wheel when it was apart. Looking at this, does it look Ok ??
  11. Ok that makes sense, I have records of DMF being done in past but nothing on the starter. Fingers crossed it's never been changed and I don't have to worry for now lol
  12. Recently started having problems with starter motor and yesterday it finally died. So today I've pulled it out to have a look. To be fair the fly wheel and housing at the end of the starter looked fairly clean. I removed the end cap (bush end) and found all the gunk in pics. I'm guessing this is cause of the failure but is it due to the DMF or the fact I have an oil leak which has covered the starter over time ??
  13. BugCo22

    Possible Alternator Problem

    Ok cool cheers for that. The pic that's added, is that an actual receipt for the parts ?? I don't have one from the garage for fitting ?? But if they were fitted back in 2011, would it have gona agen already by now ?? The dmf that is.
  14. BugCo22

    Possible Alternator Problem

    Ok an update. Car has been doin it's usual, struggling to start without giving it sum throttle. Anyway went to start it and nothing happened at all ?? No clicking, buzzing nothing. It had juice in battery ad lights !Removed! up on dash. So thort of starter motor, gave it a tap and car started with a struggle. So I'm guessing the starter motor is on way out :-/ so next question is, seeing as I had to tap it to make it work, can I change jus the solenoid or the whole starter motor ??
  15. Returned home from a work trip on Saturday and started car with no probs first time. Later in the day the car struggled to start, sounding like a flat battery but give it sum gas and it started. Today I had to turn ignition on all the way to engine start and give it gas to get started, went on a 30 mile non stop trip, stopped and had to do the same to start. Bought a new battery from halfords, supposedly charged, fitted and same thing. Went on another 20 mile drive to give chance to charge and still won't start straight away ?? Any ideas other then alternator before I start pulling it apart ?? Thing is, it started straight away first time wen I first got back to car but never since ??