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  1. Happy Birthday Milezz!

  2. intermitant engine firing

    this can be many things 1 could be the fuel isnt getting through properly, try redex diesel or petrol whatever your fuel type 2. gastkets but this is rare 3. HT lead faulty, try Halfords =] 4. spark plug faulty, once again halfords, 5. igniton system, worst case senario take to a garage
  3. Hey my mum is having issues with out ford mondeo im not sure what MRK it is cause 1 and 2 look simular but its a 1998 i think not 100% sure but on subject if we normal lock the vehicle only somtimes the central locking works but if not it opens the drivers door and give it ten mins all the rest unlock which means when the car is either dead locked or normal locked the driver locks and rarely the rest lock now even if they do the alarm gose off and its starting to become anoying ive said its a fault in the central locking box but thats MY idea ive worked on a few cars such as a Rover Metro 1.1 and a Vauxhall Cavalier so im not a noob at car stuff and im doing car mechs so as said im not exsacly dumb lol so what would be the best idea apart from go to a ford dealer or garage or am i wrong? if so what can i do to sort this issue weve had to resort to leaving the car unlocked heres the specs ( dunno if you need em but meh) Make: Ford Model: Mondeo Reg: R MRK: 1 or 2 Alarm: Imobiliser, Deadlock Miles: 82,000 ish hope sombody can help or a way to by pass the alarm which is what my mum mainly wants
  4. Bolt On Or Pipe Induction

    im not wasting my money lol i already own both of the parts just wonderd if the idea would work
  5. Hey ive recently purchased a ford fiesta mrk 3 1.2 love it :) but looking at the air filter its a bit nah now from what i can see its a carburettor one where the filter is ontop of the engine i had the idea of removing the air filter element and putting a Cone on the end of the long pipe is this a good idea? or would it just be best to get a bolt on? Milezz