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  1. Do a search top right corner and put in : MK 7.5 speakers Lots Info :)
  2. James , this is the Topic i mean . Put the info in TXT file. :)
  3. Buy date 9-3-2015 Dealer Iriks Middelharnis the Netherlands Fiesta EBT 125hp PantherBlack Non SatNav , we use a TomTom XL iq with Brodit 80-4253 holder
  4. Hallo my name is Kees from the Netherlands. My wife has bought a Fiesta Sport 1.0T mk7.5 '15 PantherBlack Non Eco :) Boost On papers it must have 125hp , we have driven 300miles now. #1 - We have put a hitch on it for pulling my Hayabusa on a trailer for DragRacing. #2 - April the first NO joke, we have a appointment for install Brodit 80-4253 + Brodit #279018 TT xl #3 - I want to add Silent Coat in doors for better SQ and fit Lanzar MWS 6.5 for more mid-bass. My wife has alot fun with the Fiesta. 2 hours from left the dealer , she has the first speed ticket :) Greets from Holland.
  5. Same question from me. I want to add some silent coat or another brand inside 4 better SQ Greets from Holland
  6. FiestaLover


    Good Bye C-Max 1.6 2005
  7. Buy Fiesta mk 7.5 Sport PantherBlack EcoBoost 1.0 T 125 hp
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums FiestaLover :)

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    1. FiestaLover


      Thanxs Steve , for your welcome post.

      I 'm on 24 Hayabusa forum's all over the world :)

      So iám happy t

      2 be here on FOC.

      My wife has the Fiesta MK 7.5 since 9-3-2015 14:22 and 16: 45 the #1 speed ticket :)

      Greets from the Netherlands / Groeten uit Holland

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