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  1. Andy, did you ever fix your dashboard rattle? I've had the a pillar off, the clock console off and it's still going 

  2. Fiesta Mk7 Zs Problem

    Sold the car... basically I just got absolutely fed up with the - quite frightening - cuttting out at speed & two dealers being repeatedly "unable to fault" despite having the car for 2 weeks last time. Contacted Ford Customer Service direct twice - worse than useless, just said it was up to the dealer to sort out. Also a number of other faults with my car - those more annoying than anything, squeaks, rattles, stereo with a mind of its own, faulty boot latch, very difficult to get into reverse gear (that got much worse - started jumping out of reverse as soon as car began to move), warped brake discs - all at low mileage on a "looked after" vehicle. Again, dealer unhelpful. Sorry to say that build quality on my (Cologne built) car didn't appear to be good at all. Usually keep my cars for between 7 & 9 years but not this time - it went after 3, before it lost any more value! Very disappointed, won't be buying another Ford.
  3. Bye Bye Fiesta....

    Well, I've done it! After 2 years & 10 months of Fiesta ownership I've traded in my immaculate 1.6 Ti-VCT Titanium today for a new Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sportech Roadster Coupe in Stormy Blue. Delivery early to mid March so will be a "12" plate. Always wanted an MX-5 but they're expensive with a small boot. However decided that if I didn't have one now, I probably never would & some personal events last year have made me realise that life's very short & to be enjoyed! Love the way the Fiesta looks, drives & the running costs, but.... think that I made the mistake of buying an "early" car, before Ford had really sorted out all of the production quality related niggles - though I know that other people on the Forum have been pleased with their early Fiestas...
  4. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Damp Problems

    I believe that some very early cars had a problem with a lack of sealant in the roof gutter seams (beneath the plastic trim which runs down each side of the roof), which led to water ingress into the boot & rear footwells. Might be worth checking out?
  5. Poor Build Quality

    Glad to hear that you're pleased with the "Beemer". I've looked at the 1-series too but it's a bit too big for my modestly sized garage. So I'm seriously thinking about something radically different i.e. a Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe which seems to have a reputation for outstanding owner satisfaction & absolutely bulletproof build quality. I've never owned anything like that before but I'm not getting any younger, I had a very bad year personally in 2011 hence I feel like treating myself. We'll see! Yes I know this isn't a like for like comparison with the Fiesta, the MX-5 is an expensive car & not in the same market segment - however, just as a meaningful comparison with the Fiesta, in 1993 I bought a new Vauxhall Corsa which was such a brilliant car that I kept it for 9 years - in terms of build quality it was streets ahead of my MK7 Fiesta, with no rattles or creaks & no major issues at all during the 9 year period for which I owned it.
  6. Poor Build Quality

    I'm not overly impressed, either! My April 09 car, owned from new, has been well looked after & covered only 14,000 miles. Many rattles & creaks, some of which began at only a few weeks old. Dealer was useless at fixing under the "full" first year's warranty. Eventually fixed the rattling "A" pillar trim myself after dealer said nothing wrong - I packed with carpet underlay, sorted - ditto for rattle from the cover over the light sensor on the windscreen behind the mirror. Most annoying of the many rattles which remain are those from the nearside door panel which vibrates in time to the bass from the speaker (& I don't play music particularly loud) & an extremely annoying intemittent rattle from the back of the car which sounds like a dessert spoon rattling against the bodywork. Tailgate sometimes unlocks itself, stereo has its own ideas about what it feels like doing today - sometimes I can't get any sound at all, MP3s played via USB can "click" & freeze, won't play some tracks etc. If there's a CD in the drive & the stereo is turned off, when I unlock the car the stereo sometimes turns itself on & starts playing the CD. Reminds me of the film "Christine"... Covers keep coming off the front seats & fabric on driver's seat is already badly creased. Additionally my car has something against going backwards as it's frequently very difficult to select reverse gear - & when I think it's in & gently engage the clutch the car doesn't go anywhere but emits a horrible whizzing grating noise which doesn't stop as soon as I dip the clutch. Mirrors also "squeal" when folding electrically. Most worrying issue though is intermittent engine cutting out - can happen at any time at any speed, in any gear, when engine warm. Very frightening when it happens on the motorway. Started at 3 months old - been to two different dealers on 6 occasions, neither can "fault" as no warning lights come on hence no fault code stored - last time it was in for 4 days. Engine cuts 3 or 4 times in rapid succession, car jerks violently then recovers. Isn't due to cheap fuel as I always use only Shell, BP or Esso. Car looks great, doesn't cost a lot to run, drives very well (when it works...) & has decent performance. But ownership experience is ruined by shoddy build. My last Ford was a 1982 Cortina, sold on in 1988. Bought Fiesta on basis of my Dad's brilliant 2002 Focus which he owned from new, Focus is well built, doesn't rattle & has never had any problems. Very disappointed with my Fiesta.
  7. Esp Off?

  8. What Should I Go For?

    Hi, I have the Titanium 1.6 petrol which has exactly the same engine, gearbox & wheel diameter as the petrol Zetec S - i.e. identical performance & economy. If I drive carefully (but not "like a granny"...) I can get 51MPG+ out of mine on a long run (& this is actual MPG - the trip computer always seems to overstate economy by around 6 MPG). On the same long run if I have a bit of fun the car returns around 47 "actual" MPG. Yes I know that the diesel's more economical but I personally feel that the the petrol car is much nicer to drive, with considerably better performance. Also don't forget that petrol is cheaper than diesel at the pumps. Hence personally, even given your high annual mileage - if you want to enjoy the car at its best, I'd recommend the petrol engine!
  9. Hi, My Dad has a 2002 Focus 1.8LX. This car definitely does not have Traction Control or ESP. However for the last week the Traction Control light has been flickering intermittently (& erratically) for the first couple of miles following a cold start. Everything - including the rest of the dashboard - is working perfectly. Normally when switching on the ignition the TC light doesn't illuminate at all (unlike the other warning lamps which come on then go out when the engine's started). However, now, after the engine has run for about 15 seconds from cold the TC light starts to flicker erratically. If I switch off the engine then switch the ignition back on the TC lamp will then continue to flicker - despite the car being stationery with the engine stopped. After about 10 minutes of driving the problem goes away & is then OK for the rest of the day, even if I leave the car for a few hours then re-start there's no problem - this just occurs on the first cold start of the day. Any ideas, please? Thanks.
  10. Erm - about 45 minutes! This is a proper wash too - hose down, wash (including the backs of the wheel rims which are visible through the spokes, clean the door shuts etc), hose again & then dry off - including drying of door shuts & under bonnet... Used to take me longer but I guess that after 27 years of car ownership I've got it down to a fine art! Also gets a polish about once every three months (takes an extra hour - Autoglym Super Resin Polish is good enough for me).
  11. Never, ever put the weight of the car on the sill seams - I'm sure that they will "fold" & the resulting distortion might even spread to the visible part of the sills. The jack which comes with the car (if like me you specified a spare wheel) appears to "lift" on the seams, but actually the weight is taken by a "pad" on the jack which lifts under specially strengthened areas of the floorpan underneath the car adjacent to (close to the inside edge of) the sill seams at each jacking point. The "U" on the jack is there solely to locate it & hence ensure that the jack doesn't slide out when in use - as the "U" on the jack head clamps around, rather than lifts, the sill seams. As I said, the weight is actually taken by specially strengthened areas of floorpan, not the seams. That's my advice, anyway!
  12. Ford Fiesta In Fashionista

    Reminds me of a 1972 Cortina which my friend had in "Tawny Gold" - looked great on the Cortina but really doesn't suit the Fiesta! Interesting generally to see 1970s colours coming back - my first car, a 1977 Datsun 100A, was a very similar colour to Ford's "Squeeze". Also Ford's "Tango" reminds me of the "Copper Bronze" Cortina in "Life On Mars". "Hot Magenta" brings back memories of British Leyland's "Magenta" which looked really good on Triumph Stags, Spitfires & Dolomite Sprints. No sign of Ford's famous "Daytona Yellow" making a comeback yet though! Now, where are my old flares...?
  13. Ford Warranty

    I bought the Ford Protect Premium Plan shortly after taking delivery of my Fiesta - basically to "inflation proof" the servicing costs for the first 3 years. It's O.K. although on each of the (two) services which I've had so far there's been a bit of a battle between myself & my Ford dealer. 1st service - although I told the dealer I had this plan, when I collected the car they presented me with a bill for about £120 & insisted I had to pay - despite me showing them Ford's confirmation that I had the Premium Protect Plan. Kicked up a fuss in Reception & they eventually honoured the agreement. 2nd service - dealer insisted that I pay £29.99 for a brake fluid change - which is covered by the plan as it's part of the standard servicing schedule. Took that one up with Ford Protect prior to taking the car in - they were extremely helpful & I got a letter back within only a few days saying that I was correct, my dealer was wrong & they'd been on to the (Ford) dealer to explain the (Ford) servicing plan. Would buy the Premium Protect Plan again though dealer seems to have a woeful lack of understanding of this product!
  14. Water Marks Etched Into Clear Coat

    Sorry to hear about this - seems to be a problem generally with poor quality paint. I had a black 1988 Nissan Micra - bought new, washed every week & regularly polished - which had the same problem after only a few months & I couldn't get the marks out. The bonnet & roof quickly became mottled with oval shaped stains. My last car was a metallic black 2002 Astra which didn't suffer from this problem at all during the 7 years I owned it from new (presumably due to Vauxhall using better paint) - fit & finish of the 2002 Astra was, with hindsight, considerably superior to my (newer design!) Fiesta - but having replaced my Astra with a Panther Black Fiesta, the Micra paint issue is back! This despite my Fiesta having had an extremely "pampered" existence so far - always garaged, rarely taken out in the rain & cleaned & polished regularly. Incidentally I also note that my rear silencer's now starting to corrode despite the car never having been on a salty road... All I can recommend is to wash & polish the car regularly & I find that Autoglym Super Resin Polish helps to take the marks out, at least temporarily. Don't even think about anything abrasive (e.g T-Cut) - you'll go straight through the paint (as I did with my Micra resulting in camouflage by way of an '80s-style stick-on bonnet stripe!)
  15. Fiesta Mk7 Zs Problem

    Mine (Titanium but with the Zetec S engine) has had an intermittent "cutting out when driving" issue from 3 months old - & surprise surprise, 2 different dealers both "unable to fault". Have also noticed too the issue where now & again revs suddenly drop at idle, engine almost stalls then revs go back up to normal tickover speed.