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  1. Mondeo MK4 hatchback, fuel flap, wouldn't open, following advice from Google, I have managed to remove the solenoid that locks the cap, and confirmed its faulty, other than eBay, I'm finding it hard to source a NEW part, even the dealers aren't showing this part, does anybody have any ideas? Tia.
  2. Tyre Pressure

    36 rear 35 front,
  3. try disconnecting the battery for 10 seconds, to reset the ecu, make sure you have radio codes first though
  4. Time Lapse??? What Is It

    Celticfan is correct.
  5. Geared Wheel Info Display

    Yes its settings menu
  6. I used a spare cigar lighter and plugged my dash cam into it, hidden it under the glove box above the fuses, and found a bolt that was fixed to the cross bar under the glove, I undid that and wrapped my ground around that, and retightened the bolt of course,
  7. That's exactly what your looking for
  8. Taking Live Feed From Interior Light

    the fuse tap is by far the easiest and safest way.
  9. The Best and safest way is to go to Halfords and buy a fuse tap off, they call it a spur, you would remove the existing cigar fuse, insert the tap off in its place, reinsert the fuse you removed and add another fuse next to it, this fuses your new circuit, of which you would wire to where you wanted it, No cutting or bodge up required, and a hell of a lot safer, since and no doubt you've read the papers of the electrician whose car caught fire, what they don't tell you is that he modified his wiring loom to incorporate a dash cam, unfused and shorted out the 12v aux feed, causing the loom to catch fire,
  10. A Newbie With A Question

    2001, I'd find it strange that any Focus younger than 8 years doesn't have CL
  11. 09 Mondeo Sat Nav Question

    Is it not possible to copy a SD Card onto another and use the copied one? I bought my 2012 last Tuesday and it came with a brand new disc, All I had to do was insert it, wait until the software downloaded and away I went, Its not too bad either, warns of roadworks, too. If that's what you mean by traffic updates, Mine which was a brand new SD Card, warns of traffic jams, congestions, road works and offers a quicker or more eco route,
  12. Taxing A New Car???

    whats the reference number I'll check it too if you like
  13. Hi, I changed from the standard lightbulbs to the Halfords own brighter bulbs, which are supposed to look like xenons, after following a few guides on unit removal and refitting, it appears that the lights are pointing too low, it doesn't have self levelling, only the know on the dash with 0-4, it was on zero, as there is no load in the vehicle, what have I done wrong please, or have I missed something, I will mention though, I fitted the bulbs to the connectors first then secured the clip, where as in the videos it states to fit the bulbs in the holes first, is this where I've gone wrong? Thanks in advance
  14. Double Locking The Doors

    The first click locks the doors, the second activates deadlocks, unless someone can correct me, the doors cannot be opened from the inside then either.
  15. Multi Mondeo Owner

    Hi, I have recently purchased a 2012 Mondeo Zetec Business Edition, I have previously owned, 2x Ghia TDCI's 1 LX, 1 ST220, Having cleared my drive of all the motors and leaving just 1 Ghia left to break or scrap, I have took the plunge and spent big money on the Zetec Business Edition, I can honestly say I'm well happy, Its still in novelty stage, I have previously visited the site for advice and info, and thought its about time I got involved, So a BIG Hi to all old and new members.