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  1. No alternative to light glass cleaning, several good compounds on e bay. Bulbs change to Osram Nighbreaker for best upgrade.
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-M-Serial-Radio-Unlock-Code-Escort-Fiesta-Focus-Mondeo-Transit-/291745224323?hash=item43ed5ed683:g:wj8AAOSwhcJWN9F5
  3. If you do need help http://www.automaticgearbox.co.uk/index.html have been very good in the past
  4. Link https://www.cars.com/articles/2013/07/do-you-really-need-to-change-the-transmission-fluid/ Ford @ 150k
  5. http://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl
  6. Type in to e bay, Breaking Ford Fusion plus nearest in filter and you should find plenty
  7. Why not post your location ? someone may know a dealer of specialist near to you.
  8. If you get the opinion of a Ford dealer that should not cost, you can then take that to Trading Standards for advice then just proceed from there. You don't have to start a war. No one is just going to change a clutch or anything else unless they believe it is justified. A polite approach to the seller armed with information is the best way to proceed.You won't get anywhere just hoping someone will fix the issue. You have a clear case from your information and should not start playing about with lots of possible fixes without giving the seller an opportunity to resolve the issue. Small claims court is another option if you get a Ford assessment.
  9. Sold as seen is not worth writing if he is a trader selling to the public, if it is a trade sale ie trade to trade that is something else. Get and opinion from a Ford garage go back with that and then contact Trading Standards if he will not play ball, the combination of TS plus HMRC should concentrate his mind.
  10. No its not if he sells a number of cars? HMRC would consider him a trader. May not want to have HMRC look at his account. Contact your local Trading Standards Office ASAP they are usually very good and their pressure can suddenly change things. Does his garage know what he is doing?
  11. The AA roadside fix for this is a plastic tie after the pin is reinserted. The guy told me horror stories of garages charging for new master cylinders up to replacement clutches. Someone developed an over engineered fix for this which was on e bay, probably stronger than the clutch.
  12. Anyone changed the Fusion drivers seat for something better? not thinking of buying new but a swap with something from a breakers if there is something better and appropriate. The original is not good for the long distance user. Maybe another Ford seat.
  13. The extra load on the belt stopping or reducing could be the aux drive belt that turns the Alt/Air Con etc cheapest is check or remove the belt for a quick run when warm and see if it stops. New belt can help.
  14. Search e bay for ford fusion radio code, will cost you 99p and get an answer in a few hours worked for me.