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  1. I've replaced my controller/module for the third time and still no luck at either aircon or overheating. With aircon on and module plugged in I'm getting 0.2v DC at the motor terminals. The blue wire where does it go exactly I may run another wire independent and see if it works? Thanks
  2. I've ready replaced it with a 2nd hand one which I was lead to believe was working.. So I'm in two mind dig deeper or replace it with another module. I also heard it was a painting get to wasn't sure where it was located though.
  3. How the best way to get at the pcm? I've checked the resistance on the earth wire nothing seems suspect. Yeah it's probably blue more then purple you're right.
  4. My Aircon stopped working last summer after being temperamental so I set about at replacing the controller with a known working controlled or I was lead to believe. I could do with some real in depth wiring diagrams or someone with a good understanding of how it works to help me out. Basically so far I've checked and metered all fuses in both engine bay and glovebox known to be related to the aircon/radiator fan. Thing that puzzles me is the 3 pin plug that feeds the radiator module has battery voltage to it at the two thicker cables, but the purple wire shows no life whether aircon on or not. If I trace that wire back to the fuse box I'm pretty sure it's the second cable in from the left on the top row and there I get 1.21v when the aircon is on. I've checked battery voltage present at fuses 31 and 82 and all ok, the relay works ok and switches as it should, this isn't an aircon only problem as doesn't come on when engine is over normal temperature range. The aircon works when fan is being spun by driving. Any help appreciated...
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Wes296 :)

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