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  1. I saw on another site regarding K&Ns, if you re-oil it, it's best to do it and then leave it over night. Only need to spray enough on to coat it so it has a slight tint of red.
  2. Usually privacy glass is an optional extra but fitted by a main dealer to customer specification or as just part of the model/range of the car. It shouldn't be an issue regarding the black box, but notify them and tell them it has "Privacy glass fitted as standard" not post installed tint film, and tell them it came from the factory like this. Part what insurance consider a mod is anything that is not from the factory, unless it's a like for like replacement "repair"
  3. You'd probably be better off drilling holes in it. And let's be honest, You don't reaaaallly wanna be doing that either.
  4. You're not going to believe this, but here's what I do. . . I ignore that miles til empty until it hits around a quarter of a tank (the petrol light comes on), approx 44 miles remaining on my car, and then I fill it up again. haha In more detail, that thing is probably accurate if. . . you drive like you're learning to drive.
  5. Yeah, I have proof, in my corsa (don't judge) when I fitted a K&N. lol ***** thing was popping and doing all sorts of crazy *****. lol I wouldn't ever install another induction kit unless there's a shield of some sort.
  6. Well I'll be getting the K&N panel filter tomorrow. I've run the J1, and as you may expect, it works best in open roads and lanes etc. For city driving not as good as the airbox. EDIT. So I have the K&N Panel filter now. As you'd expect not much difference over the original. I must say though. I bought an ST backbox off someone the other week n that was fitted not so long ago. It has a lovely little pur to it. Similar to the boxxer engine of a subaru (ofcourse nowhere near as pronounced or anything) but and the K&N does add a tiny little bit of grunt upfront. I haven't been on any long journeys with it yet. The J1 was much louder, but I like how subtle my car sounds and feels now.
  7. I can't seem to find it on their site?
  8. Well cold air is more dense, and the denser the air the more "explosive" the fuel mixture (Nitrous) . . . Not sure weather it's turned cold enough to be able to tell a difference in performance? Could be. Someone else might know.
  9. :O I had the same issue. mine broke in the end. I just couldn't lock the cap anymore.
  10. Hey guys, been a while since I posted. (Too tight to buy anything for my car) But winter is fast approaching, aside from swapping the alloys outright for stealies, what sort of protection ya'll prepping for the salt and grit on your beloved rims? (Sorry about the lingo, been watching too many gangster movies lately)
  11. Only thing I don't like about that is the wheels, som Bolas or something would suit it much better.
  12. Might be the quality of the recording equipment or the upload etc, lots of factors to consider when watching a video uploaded by some bloke using a mobile.