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  1. Closer inspection of the rear tyres shows flat spots on the inside edge of both rear tyres. It was worse on the rear left which would account for the droning & balance issue previously described. Possible pothole damage may have contributed to this, or maybe its just construction of the tyres themselves. Anyway, both my rear tyres took 35,000 miles to get to this stage so I can't grumble too much I suppose. I mentioned to the tyre fitter that I'd heard the Eagles were known for this uneven wear pattern previously - and his reply was 'They still are!'. I just replaced the rears with Avons and all is good again now.
  2. I was searching this same issue and came across your thread. I've had exactly the same thing happen on my rear tyres with a raised ridge in the centre being approx 1mm proud of the surrounding tread. There has recently started a slight drone or possibly wheel balance issue at the back end, but as yet I don't know if this is the general tyre wear & tear, or maybe from pothole damage. Both the rears are still a few mm above the minimum tread indicator bars, and this is after 35,000 miles so I can't grumble about these tyres at all as they've been great. I'm in the tyre fitters on Tuesday to investigate and see if it's just a re-balance/tracking issue, or if the tyres are now just past it. After the tyre fitter visit I'll update this post for info purposes and anyone else searching for this same issue. Left & Right pics attached. Incidentally, I did have the same tyres on the front, but just changed them when they hit the minimum depth. I don't recall any issues at all with them up to the point of renewing them, but unfortunately I just can't remember if the front tyres had the raised lines on them in the centre as shown in the images referred to in this thread. Regards to all.
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