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  1. Regassing Air Con With Kit

    I always thought air con was best left to the 'professionals' myself =/
  2. Seats Make Me Nervous

    When I flip the handle to get into the back of the car, the drivers seat will slide all the way forward and lock in place but you can then push it back to where it was. The passenger one will slide all the way forward but if you let go of the seat will start sliding back on its own like it doesnt lock in.
  3. The problem is... the councils idea of fixing it is patching it up... and over time it will crumble and crack again. But yes, it does help I suppose! Will report a few, LOADS around here.
  4. Pot Holes!!

    Your Insurance should cover it too as it's accidental damage but it will go against you if they cannot recover the costs from the Council (which is a hard task!)
  5. Admiral Insurance Mod's

    Just so you know, in the event of a claim they wont replace the modifications... they will put the car back to standard. All they are doing by you declaring them is sitll agreeing to cover the car. Admiral offer Modifications cover but it is only up to £500 but this is an optional extra. Below is from their website. Admiral's Modification Cover contributes towards the cost of replacing non-standard parts or modifications fitted to your car. Buying Modifications Cover To add our Modifications Cover to your policy, make sure you choose the option when you buy your Admiral car insurance online - or tell the advisor if you phone us for a quote. Compensation of up to £500 or 10% of the vehicle market value, whichever is less Compensation for disability modifications up to £2,500 or 15% of the vehicle market value, whichever is less Maximum of one claim per policy term subject to a £50 excess Choose from our extensive list of modifications including Alloys, Exhausts, Spoilers, Bodykits, plus Disability Modifications.
  6. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    I've followed the instructions by ford and always get update failed.... No matter what I do I can't get it to update. Longest i've seen it say 'Updating' is like 30 seconds before it fails.
  7. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    Same issue, it starts to apply it and then fails.. repeated it so many times and same result!
  8. New Member - Possibly Purchasing A New Fiesta

    60bhp in a car the size of the fiesta is suicide imo...
  9. Fiesta Mk7 Vs. Long Legs

    I'm 6'3 and have to bring the seat forward quite a bit as it goes back WAY further than any other small car (or even some family sized cars ie: golf)
  10. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    Still cant get it to update.... Guess i'll have to make do! :)
  11. Titanium Sony Radio

    Its a PIG to clean though...
  12. Which Is Best?

    You can get the titanium with the 'dress up kit' to make it look like the Zetec S
  13. Your Fiesta

    Here's my Fiesta in the snow :)!
  14. Voice Recognition Quirk With "ipod"?

    I programmed names and numbers into mine using my voice :-)
  15. Coolant Temp

    Surely they should program the light to come on with plenty of warning =/