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  1. Hey peeps, something that's been bugging me for a while. I've got the above mentioned car and using the Y-cable to plug in my ipod no problems. However, it's frustrating me how many song names are cut short on the display. I was just wondering, is there a way to make song titles scroll? Also is there any way that I can find out track time remaining etc.? On the display itself there seems to be what looks like a scroll bar on the right side, but I've no idea if that's what it is and if there is indeed a way to scroll up and down to get full song names and/or times. Any pointers would be gladly received! (ps...why didn't ford let the M-button on the steering wheel change info like this, and make volume up/down move the cursor up and down to allow selection of songs without leaning over to the control panel!?!)
  2. iPhone 3gs Bluetooth & USB issue?

    Having troubles with mine too :( It seems the car/phone get confused between the speaker modes.....I've had the following 1. Works fine....occasionally 2. iPod track details displayed fine, but no sound in ipod mode either => 2.a. press aux again and sound on 'line-in' or => 2.b. press aux and get sound on 'bluetooth' mode Is this the iphone or the car causing the problems?
  3. Voice Control iPod Playlist Selection Not Working

    Bit too much for me at the mo. Especially since I have GAP insurance, it's just inconvenience I'd be insuring against. I'd almost rather the car didn't have an alarm and had a tracker fitted that you have to pay the subscription for. Let's face it, how often do people actually pay any attention to an alarm going off? Ahh well, few years time maybe. Perhaps worth just leaving a mobile in the car and if it gets stolen, look it up on the net....
  4. Voice Control iPod Playlist Selection Not Working

    First to keep on topic, I tried with different playlists, no trouble, all seems to work. Not much help I'm afraid! Perhaps try from scratch, ie wipe ipod and start over?...or nag ford! Bit cheeky really, car parked just across from where I work, turned out it was stolen on a tow truck. The neighbours saw it being taken away and just suspected it wasn't taxed or parked illegally or some such so didn't say anything...to be honest, I'm not sure I'd suspect any foul play if I saw a car being towed. They just drove up, picked up the car and drove off. Take it from me, the alarm really isn't all that ;) Fortunately (or rather unfortunately for them I guess!) my mother had a foot op so was on crutches for the first couple of months and then my bro managed to break his wrist, so had some spare wheels whilst I waited for the replacement. :D But honestly, the hassle of the insurance claim as well as having to harass Ford constantly just isn't worth it, I'd rather have had my stolen car back and just relied on insurance to set any damage right. Now I've got my replacement I'm looking into a tracker. Don't s'pose anyone has any experience or tips on buying one? (anyone see a green fiesta titanium/leathers/body kit .... approach with caution )
  5. Voice Control iPod Playlist Selection Not Working

    Have you tried deleting any play lists excepting those named Ford1 , Ford2 etc....? Reason I ask is that when I had my first fiesta it had the same trouble, was going to experiment, but car got stolen (7 days after purchase!). Just got my new replacement car (3 months later!) and it seems to handle the playlists fine. One difference between then and now is that I did have a bunch of regular playlists as well as the ford ones, now I've just got ford ones. I'll whack on some random playlists and report back tomoz to see what happens. I guess it could be the player, I used to have a nano (which got stolen with the car) and now have a touch 2g.