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  1. Exactly my problem. Been trying to get some answers for the past 6 months or so to no avail. I've checked forums, apple website troubleshooter/forums, the lot. Please, if anyone has any new ideas on the matter give us a shout, Ta.
  2. Annoying Quiet Chime!

    Me either, honestly sounds like a really clean information chime if I catch the pedal right.
  3. Annoying Quiet Chime!

    SOLVED! It's hasn't got anything to do with the information system....... probably going to be a difficult one to describe this. The chime was occurring when I pressed the brake pedal in slightly making a very quiet metal on metal sound (mechanical rather than electronic sound), it doesn't affect my braking at all it was just driving me nuts. I guess I need to stop scrutinising anything and everything. Many thanks to those who offered suggestions once again.
  4. Annoying Quiet Chime!

    I have driven I have driven without my seatbelt and it makes a really annoying persistent noise (same with the passenger seatbelt if someone is riding along without it on) unlike the small chime mentioned in my original post. This is a quiet chime which goes off seemingly at random, but not at random because it's obviously trying to inform me of something (if that makes sense). I can only hear it with low engine/road noise. Thanks in advance again for all of your help.
  5. Annoying Quiet Chime!

    Alright folks, Firstly let me apologise if this issue has already been dealt with in a similar topic but I can't seem to find anything to do with this. I have recently purchased a Fiesta Titanium 11 plate to which I'm trying to figure out a few bits and bobs, as this model is much more advanced to anything I've had in the past. One of which is a quiet chime (sounds like a small bell, or wineglass being tapped with a fork) and I have no idea where it is coming from. I have tried turning 'warning chimes' off to no avail. I have no warning message from the central control or warning lights showing and to be quite honest, although it's only fairly quiet (and don't notice it when driving at speed) it is winding me up. My guess at first was that it might be the mileage indicator notching up as I drive but I have been keeping my eye on it, this isn't the case. My only other guess is that it could be something similar like MPG indicator or trip computer but I just wanted some coverage on it by an experienced ford head. Thanks in advance!
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