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  1. Towbar - Zetec S

    I’m planning to get a towbar fitted for use with a cycle carrier, has anyone done this on a mk7 facelift Zetec S? What make did you go for and does the car need dedicated electrics? Thanks
  2. 2015, 24k miles, no issues, Red Edition.
  3. I've been getting 42-46 out of my red edition lately, 44-49 during the summer. That's a mix of mostly town driving with weekend motorway journeys. Pretty happy with those figures considering I don't try to conserve fuel.
  4. Seasucker Bike Rack

    Yeah, they do a mount for 15 & 20mm axles. I need a 15mm and Tredz offer a Talon with 15mm fitted for £225, id imagine the 20mm version is the same price.
  5. Seasucker Bike Rack

    Thanks. I'm so tempted but can't help but worry that it'll warp the roof. Argh, only one way to find out! Lol.
  6. Seasucker Bike Rack

    I've been thinking about getting a Seasucker bike rack for my Red edition. Has anyone got one? If so, how do you get on with it? Any problems with it damaging the very thin and flexy roof? I was thinking of getting the single bike version so one sucker could go on the screen but not sure whether flexing at the rear wheel mount would stress the roof too much.
  7. Any signs giving notice of the bumps? Were you speeding? If no to both, could you claim from highways/local council like with potholes? I don't know whether this is possible, someone on here might :)
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums DJM :)

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