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  1. Readus

    tyre problems

    heyguys any help wud b grt cheers. i av fitted 195/50/r15 tyres to my mk5 fiesta and on one of the wheels the tyre wall rubs on the edge of the wheel arch and i av asked round my m8s and they said u can fold the inside of the arch. was wonderin if any1 cud tell me how to do this or any other ideas?? cheers fanx
  2. Readus

    which focus model???

    hey guys atm i drive a 1.3 fiesta and am lookin to upgrade to a focus. i am goin to spend between 3-4k. i wud like a 1.8 tdci but am open to suggestions. i am not sure if i cud get a new shape either for that money so any advice wud b great. i would also be grateful if any1 cud tel me wat 2 luk 4, common faults and which models is the best for performance and features, within the 1.8 tdci range so a zetec or a ghia. it wud b great to know what are the differences between the models. i knw there are several bhp versions and i am afeter a 115bhp but ghia or zetec is the next thing so any help wud b awesome. cheers
  3. Readus

    Modifying fiestas

    hey m8 i got a mk5 red fepa i installed new speakers and sub all vibe. new h/u. zetec s back bumper, custom professionally installed exhaust and 15'' 195 alloys m8. it has loads of grip and sounds great on both fronts lol. gud little cars m8. start at wheels m8 defo 15s.
  4. Readus


    hey m8 wel i chose ford because my dad has 1 lol, reliability touch wood lol, ease of parts, simplicity and wel becoz i like them. i av a fiesta 1.3i 8v if it helps lol mk5 2000 reg. hope this helps m8
  5. Readus

    rev gauge?

    kewl. i just wondered if i cud fit 1 2 my car. sum1 has told me that i may have the wires already installed but i dnt want to take my dash out to find i avnt. lol can anybody help??
  6. Readus

    15" alloys on standard fiesta without any mod?

    just fitted 15''s to my mk5 and they fit perfectly m8. gud luk.
  7. Readus

    rev gauge?

    hey any1 tel me if i can fit a rev gauge to my 2000 mk5 finesse fiesta 1.3i 8v?? and how hard this would be??
  8. Readus


    yh thats wat i fought. also m8 wen checking my oil i cant c wer the level is. all i can c is oil all the way up above the max and i cnt c any level lol. wat u fink it is?? i av just changed it so. also m8 i need to top up my coolant can i use water?? any help wud b grt cheers m8.
  9. Readus

    fitting a sub

    lol defo was in a rush lol but dats da easiest way and if u wana fit sum more speakers run da cables wid ur sub signals ok. hope u get on alrite m8.
  10. Readus


    hey guys, was just wonderin wer is ideal to keep ur levels on my fepa?? in between min and max, max, and if in between exactly inbetween?? cheers guys
  11. Readus

    fitting a sub

    hey m8 done this on my fepa. if u luk at the far right of your engine bay there is a big rubber grommet type thing and that i fink is also wat u call da wiring harness. wat i did was get a screwdriver and poke a hole init. push ur cable thru dat hole bout metre and then go luk in the passenger foot well. ther shud b a hole in the plastic and u will c ur wire. it will !Removed! out from the plastic trim and then pull out all u need 2 get to the boot and start tucking it under the trim and then under the rear seats and then into the boot. this should b tidy and quick. run ur cables from ur head unit the other side m8 to stop iinterferance and u r all done. took me bout hour and half and was all done sounding grt. hope this helps m8 i av just fitted components to mine 2 gud luk!
  12. Readus

    exhaust clamp

    hey guys, was just under my mk5 1.3i 8v finesse fepa and noticed a clamp that bolts onto my gearbox that holds on my exhaust. it is all rusted thru. i was just wonderin wether i needed it and how much it wud b 2 replace??? any help wud b grt fanx, i av heard sum cars dnt even av these??? cheers
  13. hey i av a mk5 x reg 1.3 fiesta. on my engine there is a round tub like thing with an oil sign on top. if u av a similar fing jsut pull it and the 2 pipes attached will come with it, pour wat u fink will do into the hole, it will have wat i think are cams in it and then put the tub bak onthe hole. i dnt knw if this will help iam a complete novice but u neva knw....
  14. Readus


    wat alloys r they?? u lukin 2 sell??
  15. i av ad my fepa 7 months lol but my dad as run his escort 4 years...awesum cars... y u ask??