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  1. ford ka speakers

    Best way is to remove the door panel, the grills won't pop off, I found out the hard way.
  2. Electrical problems.

    It still runs fine, just takes about 20 seconds for the dials to fire up after you've started the engine, I'm reluctant to spend a lot of time & or money on it seen as we have to give it back in September, the !Removed! finance company we got it off has gone bust and want it back so they can sell it!!
  3. Electrical problems.

    Original stereo does not work either, nor do the dials work properly with no stereo in at all!!
  4. I've introduced myself in the newbie section, so here goes with my problem. Last week I fitted a new stereo in my other halfs Ka, I've fitted loads before and it's always been straight forward. I plugged the thing in, clipped it into it's cage and slotted it in to the dash. I come to see if it's working and nothing. I check all the wiring and everything is fine, no loose wires, no plugs dropped out, fuse in the stereo is fine, I try again and still nothing. I try the stereo in my car and it's working fine. Next thing I notice that the dials don't sweep when I turn on the ignition and don't move at all once the engine is on. So I check all the fuses, they're all fine, I disconnect the battery and leave it for a while, reconnect it and still nothing. There is some power getting to the stereo, as it will still suck in and eject CD's. it just won't power up to play. And just to add a final strange twist, the dials do work, after you've driven about 10 feet, they just burst in to life, I'm utterly confused, any ideas???
  5. Hi

    I've joined up looking for some advice. I'm Craig, I'm from Barnoldswick, a little town not far from Burnley. I drive a 1996 Escort 1.8 Si and my other half drives an 04 Ka. I'm a member of another ford forum, Escortpower, but I'm looking for some advice on the Ka, so though this site might be more useful. There's probably some other fellow Escortpower members on here who might recognise me and more than likely give me some stick!