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  1. WES180

    How to replace slver handbrake release button?

    I like little touches like that. A job well done!!!👍
  2. Or even better 1.6 Ecoboost!!! 😉
  3. WES180

    Rear Speaker Question

    I doubt there are many on here that have changed Cmax speakers to be honest. If I were you I would pop the panel off and have a look for yourself, that way you will be able to measure the diameter and depth to see what replacements will physically fit. With regards to wiring there will most likely be a fixed connector block on the Ford wiring to the speakers if it's all still original. You can either chop this off and add new female spade terminals to suit the sizes of the speaker terminals or buy male spades that will slot into the Ford connector block along with a length of speaker wire and then female terminals on the other end of the wire to attach to the speakers. I like to keep things original and would usually opt for the latter so it can be reverted back to standard at a later date if required, that's up to you though.
  4. 125bhp is never going to feel fast. Maybe you're thinking back and comparing to when the likes of RS Turbos were considered fast cars with 130bhp, those cars though were a lot lighter than modern equivalents loaded with safety features. Has the car been recently serviced?Have you checked that filters, plugs etc are all in good order? Have you definitely got the 125bhp engine and not the 100bhp version? Its worth checking your engine numbers match in case it's been replaced.
  5. Lol, why not just stick them back on with some decent bodywork double sided tape? 2 of my doors have been stuck back on with regular double sided tape and stayed put. Just make sure you thoroughly clean the area first to ensure good adhesion.
  6. Go with your gut feeling which from what youre saying sounds like it's telling you to walk away!!!
  7. WES180

    Strange beep on start up

    Have you tried the above as that will display DTC's (fault codes) too. Also useful as it tests all of the cluster led's in case one has been removed/blown which would otherwise indicate the fault.
  8. WES180

    Strange beep on start up

    Have you tried this to see if any fault codes logged? Im sure some of our resident experts will be able to help you later.🙂
  9. WES180

    Strange beep on start up

    Long shot - It's not the potential ice warning tone and symbol is it?
  10. WES180

    Things I Do Like

    Tru dat!!! 😂 Time for a spot of lunch though now and then nipping out. Stick ya thermals on guys, might get a bit chilly in here while I'm gone.😉
  11. WES180

    Things I Do Like

    I need to buy a tablet, this phone screen is no good for my aging eyes. Or.... i could just stop posting and get on with some housework! 🤔
  12. WES180

    Things I Do Like

    Duhh, the people (by people i mean person, by person i mean me!) replying of course! 🤣
  13. 86 D plate Ford Sierra 1.8LX 85 B plate Ford Escort 1.1 Full S1 RS Replica 95 M plate Escort 1.6 Si Full RS2000 kit 98 R plate Escort 1.8 Si Full RS2000 kit 00 X plate Mondeo ST200 06 56 plate Mondeo ST TDCi 07 07 plate C Max 1.6 Zetec 12 12 plate Focus 1.6 Zetec S Few other marques inbetween, Peugeot 309 GTi, Saab 900 Turbo, Vauxhall Astra VXR.
  14. WES180

    Things I Do Like

    Oh look, I'm on again and we are hot!!! 😂 Edit - Where's everyone gone???? Come back, I was only joking!🤣🤣🤣
  15. WES180

    Things I Do Like

    I keep thinking to start a general chat thread as most of our conversations are always completely off topic for the thread we happen to be in at the time. I will let someone else do it though as I hate it when I start a thread that no one posts on!😂